Future of X in Brazil up in the air due to Elon Musk’s feud with the Justice: which clubs have the most followers?

The clash between the business mogul and the Brazilian Justice raises doubts about the platform's future in the country
Martín O'Donnell
2024-04-10 15:12:16

The future of the social network X (formerly known as Twitter) in Brazil looks up in the air due to the feud between Elon Musk, who acquired the platform in 2022, and the Brazilian Justice.

On Sunday, the tech mogul demanded the resignation of Judge Alexandre de Moraes, a member of the country’s Supreme Court, accusing him of censoring X for demanding the blocking of users suspected of spreading misinformation.


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In response, the highest court ordered an investigation into Musk for alleged “criminal and willful manipulation” of the platform and obstruction of justice after the businessman threatened not to comply with orders to block certain accounts.

“We will probably lose all revenue in Brazil and have to shut down our office there. But principles matter more than profit,” wrote the owner of Tesla.

As a result of this situation, rumors of all kinds of sanctions began to circulate, including the ultimate punishment of shutting down X in Brasil.

The significance of X (Twitter) in Brazilian football

Without any doubt, the absence of Twitter would mean a drastic change for the Brazilian people, especially for the football community. In addition to the updates and real-time news that many share for millions to read, there’s a connection between clubs and fans that can be hardly seen elsewhere.

X is a place where even teams talk to each other, as the admins do not hesitate to mock and hit back to other official accounts. While the future of the platform gives plenty to talk about, we take a look at the Brazilian teams with the most followers on the platform.

Brazilian clubs with the most followers on X

  • 1 – Flamengo: 10.6 million
  • 2 – Corinthians: 7.8 million
  • 3 – São Paulo: 4.9 million
  • 4 – Palmeiras: 3.8 million
  • 5 – Grêmio: 3.1 million
  • 6 – Vasco da Gama: 2.7 million
  • 7 – Atlético Mineiro: 2.6 million
  • 8 – Cruzeiro: 2.6 million
  • 9 – Internacional: 1.9 million
  • 10 – Fluminense: 1.5 million
  • 11 – Botafogo: 1.4 million
  • 12 – Athletico Paranaense: 1.2 million