About Sambafoot.com

Sambafoot  is an international association football news website for all things Brazilian football. We are the number one resource for Brazilian football fans to stay updated through latest news, live-scores, pictures, interviews and videos. Our aim is to remain the most complete database on Brazilian football as always.

Our History

Since our inception, we have grown to be a reputable brand and resource for all Brazilian football related updates.

Coming on the online scene in 2002, we aimed to be at the very top for recognized Brazilian football outlets and we have done just that. From starting on the website in French, Sambafoot has grown far and wide and is currently available for readers in four different languages including English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Part of our many achievements includes the Samba Gold award which is recognized globally as a tier 1 award for all Brazilian players that ply their trade in Europe. Since its inception in 2008, some of the biggest Brazilian names have been honored with the Samba Gold including Kaka, Thiago Silvar, Maicon, Neymar and most recently Alisson.

Our Team

Josué Seixas
Jornalista baseado em Maceió/Alagoas. Esteve na equipe da cobertura das Olimpíadas de Tóquio pela Folha de S. Paulo. Foi publicado em Guardian, Daily Mail, The Blizzard, BBC, Estadão, UOL, Yahoo e mais.
Kolade Daniel
Football Lover. All-round junkie of the beautiful game. Could be found watching football most of the time, if not he's writing about them. A certain bias for Arsenal and Santos FC.
Shadrack Kairu
Martín O'Donnell
Licenciado en Comunicación Social con orientación en Periodismo. Redactor digital con experiencia cubriendo fútbol internacional.
Desmond Efe-Khaese