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Samba Gold Trophy 2022

The winners of the Samba Gold 2022 award have already been revealed! Neymar Jr., Debinha and Endrick are the champions of this edition after receiving the majority of votes from the public. Samba Gold is awarded annually to the best male and female Brazilian playing outside of the country. The big news for 2022 was the new under-20 category, honoring the most outstanding young player in Brazil or abroad.

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Discoverour history

Samba Gold was created by Samba Agency (Sambafoot) in 2008 and had former midfielder Kaká as the first winner. In the last three years, star player Neymar Jr. took home the trophy and became the biggest winner in the history of the award, with six achievements in total.
Thiago Silva occupies the second position in the historical ranking, with three awards. Initially intended exclusively for men’s football, Samba Gold grows every year, and today includes three categories: men, women, and the new Under-20.

At first, the award took into account the performance of athletes exclusively in European territory. In 2021, it was expanded to all continents.

Trophy given to the winners


Check out the winners of the Samba Gold 2022 trophy

Neymar Jr.

The PSG striker secured the majority of votes from the public.


The Brazilian star took the women’s second trophy.


The young player won the debut trophy of the category.

About the nominees andthe voting system

The Samba Gold voting system brought news as of the 2022 edition

Electoral College

Formed by a select group of professionals linked to the world of football, the Electoral College is responsible for nominating players in the three categories.

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Public vote

The choice of winners is made through public voting. Once voting starts, everyone can vote for their favorite in each category.

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VIP Voters

They are our special guests who, just like in public voting, also choose their favorite athletes. All votes have the same weight.

Our rules


- Samba Gold

The goal is to nominate the 20 most outstanding Brazilian men and women players of the year playing outside the country, in addition to the 20 most prominent Brazilian under-20 players in 2022 in Brazil or abroad. The award takes into account the athlete’s statistics, achievements and overall impact in their club(s) from the start to the end of the year.


- Nominations

The lists of nominees in each category are made up of 20 men, 20 women and 20 under-20 names, and was released on December 20, 2022. Members of the Electoral College are responsible for nominating players in the three categories.


- Voters

Samba Gold 2022 voters belong to two distinct groups: the first, public voting, are readers, users and followers of the Sambafoot website; the second, VIP voters, is made up of special guests from the Sambafoot team. The votes of both groups have the same weight.


- Voting process

Voting for the three categories of Samba Gold 2022 started on January 3, 2023, and ended on January 31, 2023. Each voter was able to choose one (1) candidate from each category as their favorite to win this edition.


- The Trophy

The Samba Gold 2022 custom trophy will be delivered by Sambafoot directly to the three winners – men, women and under-20. The first places will have their names revealed on February 15, 2023. The announcement will be made through Sambafoot’s own website and social networks and on the Samba Gold page.

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See Samba Gold highlighted in the main communication vehicles

Winners revealed!