Where to watch Brasileirão 2024 on TV and online outside of Brazil?

The Brasileirão 2024 is here and in Sambafoot you can find out all the information to watch this tournament, on TV or online, in your country.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-04-17 06:13:08

The 2024 season of Brasileirão, the first division championship of Brazilian football, also known as the Brazilian Série A or Brasileirão Betano, is now underway and teams are getting ready for the second matchday of the season.

This will be the sixtieth (69th) edition of the Brasileirão and, very possibly, it will be one of the most exciting in recent years due to the high level of the largest teams in the country. Therefore, if you want to know everything to be able to watch Brasileirão 2024 in your country on TV or online, at Sambafoot we will guide you with all the information available on the subject.


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Brasileirão 2024: Where to watch the Brazilian Série A in my country?

Although the channels that broadcast the Brasileirão in Brazil are well known to all big fans of Brazilian football, there are hundreds of thousands of fans around the world eager to enjoy one more season of this exciting league tournament.

For many, the Brasileirão is popularly known as the “Premier League” of South America due to the high level of the players and the economic and football power of the leading teams, so it is not surprising that many television stations around the world own the rights to transmission of this competition.

South America

In practically all of South America, specifically in Spanish-speaking countries, ESPN and its streaming platform Star+ own the broadcast rights of the Brasileirão and it is expected that, for this 2024 edition, they will also be in charge of broadcasting the matches, on TV and online , in this region.

In this region, the subscription streaming platform, Fanatiz , also owns the broadcast rights to this exciting league tournament.

In Argentina, Fox Sports also has rights, in this case much smaller, to some Brasileirão matches. So ESPN and Star+ are, without a doubt, the best option to watch Brasileirão 2024 in South America.

Central America, North America and the Caribbean

In some Central American countries, ESPN is also in charge of broadcasting the Brasileirão matches, while, in part of the Caribbean, the Flow Sports channel is the one that owns the broadcasting rights.

In the United States, the ViX and Paramount+ platforms are the ones that previously had the rights to broadcast past editions of the Brasileirão and it is expected that, in 2024, they will also broadcast these matches throughout the country.

Europe and rest of the world

To close, there is little information regarding which channels and streaming platforms will have the broadcast rights for Brasileirão 2024 in Europe.

In Spain, platforms such as LaLiga+ , Fanatiz and Brasileirão Play were responsible for broadcasting this tournament in the Iberian country. However, there is still no official confirmation, at least from LaLiga+, on whether this year the matches will also be broadcast on this platform.

In Africa, SSC Channels and Shahid are the networks that own the broadcasting rights, at least in the northern region of the continent.