Gabigol’s doping drama sparks massive fan outrage

In a stirring display of solidarity, Flamengo fans and officials rally behind star striker Gabigol amidst challenging doping allegations.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-03-31 11:10:43

In the lead-up to the Campeonato Carioca final, Flamengo fans rallied around forward Gabigol, distributing 3,000 #FechadoComGabigol stickers and waving flags in the North sector of Maracanã. This show of support, orchestrated by club organizers, highlighted the strong bond between the fans and the player.


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++ Gabriel Barbosa (Gabigol) suspended for two years for doping test fraud

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Marcos Braz, Flamengo’s football vice-president, vocally defended Gabigol, deeming the two-year suspension until April 2025 as “very unfair.” He stressed Gabigol’s innocence, citing a clean blood test from the day of the incident and expressed optimism about overturning the suspension through appeal.

Gabigol’s response

Gabigol expressed his gratitude through a social media post, featuring a photo with a fan’s flag and the caption, “We. For us. For ours.” He is currently represented by Bichara Neto for his doping allegation defense, with the club’s legal vice-president, Rodrigo Dunshee, also participating. Their strategy includes appealing to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Gabigol faces a temporary ban from club facilities.

The accusations against Gabigol include obstructing the doping test process, actions considered as potential fraud. On April 8, 2023, at Ninho do Urubu, he allegedly delayed the procedure and failed to comply with instructions, contrasting with his teammates’ cooperation. These actions led to charges of disrespect and procedural non-compliance.

Legal defense and support

Following an accusation of attempted fraud on May 30, Flamengo’s deputy general and legal officer, along with lawyer Bichara Neto, began Gabigol’s defense.

This case highlights the unannounced nature of doping tests by the Brazilian Doping Control Authority and the community support for Gabigol during this challenging time.