Dani Alves repays Neymar’s father’s €150,000 loan after rape conviction

The reasons for this reimbursement raise many questions.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-04-14 11:57:32

In March 2024, former Brazilian defender Dani Alves was sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison for rape in Spain. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in the toilets of a Barcelona nightclub in 2022 after returning from the World Cup in Qatar.

A few months before this conviction, in January 2023, the father of his former teammate Neymar revealed that he had helped Alves financially to pay his legal costs, even though the latter had not yet been charged. This decision sparked widespread criticism in Brazil.


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After being found guilty, Dani Alves was released from prison on March 25, 2024, upon payment of one million euros bail, pending his appeal trial. It is in this context that his lawyer, Ines Guardiola, announced on April 11, 2024 that her client had repaid the sum of 150,000 euros lent by Neymar’s father.

Refund without explanation

According to her lawyer, this reimbursement took place a week earlier, without her revealing the reasons. A few months earlier, in March 2024, Neymar’s father had also denied that he, his son or their family would pay the bail for Alves’ conditional release.

Thus, Dani Alves finally repaid the 150,000 euros lent by Neymar’s father, without the motivations for this gesture having been clearly explained. This event raises questions about the nature of the links between Alves and the father of his former teammate, as well as the dynamics within the football world.