Bia Menezes reveals emotion on call-up to Brazil: ‘A child again’

Left-back of São Paulo experiences wearing the Yellow Jersey in the Gold Cup; Brazil's debut will be in the early hours of Thursday (22)
Josué Seixas
2024-02-21 14:22:11

Left-back Bia Menezes is experiencing one of the most significant moments of her career with the call-up to represent the Brazilian Women’s National Team. Training in San Diego, United States, for the Gold Cup, the 26-year-old player shared with CBF TV the importance of this step in her journey. She is one of Arthur Elias’s selections for the competition. Brazil will debut against Puerto Rico in the early hours of Thursday (22), at 12:15 AM (Brasília time).

“The feeling is like I’m a kid again. It’s as if I went back 16 years, where I had a dream to be here. It’s remembering when I saw Marta on TV competing in the Pan-American Games and the Olympics. It’s indescribable because I remember the Bia from 16 years ago with a dream watching her idol on TV,” commented the left-back.


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Looking back at the past is valuing the achievements of the present. Bia began her journey in the sport at a young age, joining the Centro Olímpico team. Later, she played for clubs like Audax, Rio Preto, Flamengo, Santos, until she reached São Paulo, her current team. Reflecting on her journey, she highlighted that despite the difficulties, she found strength in her greatest supporter, her mother.

“Despite the challenges I faced along the way, some situations in my personal life, especially when I lost my mother, who has always been my biggest incentive to be here today, I was very resilient. I overcame obstacles, faced grief, which is the hardest part, and here I am.”

Brazil’s youth categories have a victorious history on the continental scene, being nine-time champions in the U-20 category. Bia is part of this history, having been part of the team that won the South American Championship in 2015. Accustomed to major competitions, she now has the opportunity to represent Brazil in the Women’s Gold Cup, which starts in the early hours of Thursday (22) for Brazil.

“My expectations are very high. I left home saying that I would only return after March 10, and that is my goal, as well as that of the whole group and coaching staff. Our focus is to perform well, to be champions, and consequently, this will yield good results for the Olympics.”

After the debut, the Warriors of Brazil will face Colombia in the early hours of March 25 (Sunday) and will conclude their participation in the group stage on February 28 (Wednesday) against Panama. All matches will be held at Snapdragon Stadium at 12:15 AM (Brasília time).