Fleetwood Town x Dundee 08/07/2023 Friendlies Clubs

Luke McCowan
Luke McCowan
Zachary Scott Robinson
Zachary Scott Robinson

On 08/07/2023, team Fleetwood Town faces team Dundee from the Friendlies Clubs, World. Follow the result and the live match of Fleetwood Town vs Dundee starting at 14:30, here at Sambafoot.

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Fleetwood Town vs Dundee Formações



L. Johnson
T. Docherty


Stephen McMullan
Stephen McMullan (Goalkeeper)
J. McCracken
J. McCracken (Goalkeeper)
Billy Francis Crellin
Billy Francis Crellin (Goalkeeper)
T. Welsh
T. Welsh (Goalkeeper)
Harry Edward Wright
Harry Edward Wright (Goalkeeper)
Harrison Sharp
Harrison Sharp (Goalkeeper)
David Harrington
David Harrington (Goalkeeper)
T. Carson
T. Carson (Goalkeeper)
Jay Anthony Lynch
Jay Anthony Lynch (Goalkeeper)
Ruaridh Lynch
Ruaridh Lynch (Goalkeeper)
Thomas Donaghy
Thomas Donaghy (Goalkeeper)
O. Dodgson
O. Dodgson (Defender)
Owain Fôn Williams
Owain Fôn Williams (Goalkeeper)
Christie James Elliott
Christie James Elliott (Defender)
Harrison James Holgate
Harrison James Holgate (Defender)
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall (Defender)
Shaun Antony Rooney
Shaun Antony Rooney (Defender)
Juan Antonio Portales Villarreal
Juan Antonio Portales Villarreal (Defender)
Aristote Nsiala
Aristote Nsiala (Defender)
David Robert MacKay
David Robert MacKay (Defender)
Elijah Xavier Campbell
Elijah Xavier Campbell (Defender)
Craig Donald
Craig Donald (Defender)
W. Johnson
W. Johnson (Defender)
Jordan McGhee
Jordan McGhee (Defender)
I. Samuels
I. Samuels (Defender)
Tom Field
Tom Field (Defender)
Josh Edwards
Josh Edwards (Defender)
R. Lamie
R. Lamie (Defender)
Carl Robert Johnston
Carl Robert Johnston (Defender)
Kévin Gomis
Kévin Gomis (Defender)
B. Lawal
B. Lawal (Defender)
Lee Ashcroft
Lee Ashcroft (Defender)
Chiekh Thiam
Chiekh Thiam (Defender)
J. Shaughnessy
J. Shaughnessy (Defender)
Benjamin John Heneghan
Benjamin John Heneghan (Defender)
Ryan Astley
Ryan Astley (Defender)
Brad Roscoe
Brad Roscoe (Defender)
Charlie Reilly
Charlie Reilly (Midfielder)
Armando Quitirna
Armando Quitirna (Midfielder)
Finlay Robertson
Finlay Robertson (Midfielder)
Armando Junior Quitirna
Armando Junior Quitirna (Midfielder)
Charles Graham Adam
Charles Graham Adam (Midfielder)
Harvey Macadam
Harvey Macadam (Midfielder)
Luke McCowan
Luke McCowan (Midfielder)
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson (Midfielder)
Lyall Cameron
Lyall Cameron (Midfielder)
K. White
K. White (Midfielder)
Josh Mulligan
Josh Mulligan (Midfielder)
G. Kilkenny
G. Kilkenny (Midfielder)
Callum Lamb
Callum Lamb (Midfielder)
Daniel John Mayor
Daniel John Mayor (Midfielder)
M. Boateng
M. Boateng (Midfielder)
Ryan James Broom
Ryan James Broom (Midfielder)
Mohamad Sylla
Mohamad Sylla (Midfielder)
Thomas Grant
Thomas Grant (Midfielder)
Mayindou Karl Madianga
Mayindou Karl Madianga (Midfielder)
Cameron Mark Thomas Brannagan
Cameron Mark Thomas Brannagan (Midfielder)
Zachary Scott Robinson
Zachary Scott Robinson (Attacker)
Brendan Nana Sarpong-Wiredu
Brendan Nana Sarpong-Wiredu (Midfielder)
Diego Iván Pineda Juárez
Diego Iván Pineda Juárez (Attacker)
Anthony Neil James Pilkington
Anthony Neil James Pilkington (Midfielder)
Derick Osei Yaw
Derick Osei Yaw (Attacker)
Promise Omochere
Promise Omochere (Midfielder)
Amadou Bakayoko
Amadou Bakayoko (Attacker)
Max McMillan
Max McMillan (Midfielder)
R. Howley
R. Howley (Attacker)
X. Simons
X. Simons (Midfielder)
Cillian Sheridan
Cillian Sheridan (Attacker)
T. Williams
T. Williams (Midfielder)
D. Costelloe
D. Costelloe (Attacker)
Phoenix Maclaren Patterson
Phoenix Maclaren Patterson (Attacker)
C. Main
C. Main (Attacker)
Callum Dolan
Callum Dolan (Attacker)
Ryan Graydon
Ryan Graydon (Attacker)
Jayden Connor Stockley
Jayden Connor Stockley (Attacker)
Samuel Glenfield
Samuel Glenfield (Attacker)
Ronan Liam Coughlan
Ronan Liam Coughlan (Attacker)