Chambéry x Grenoble 09/12/2023 Coupe de France

120' + 6'
120' + 6'
120' + 5'
120' + 5'
120' + 4'
120' + 4'
120' + 3'
120' + 3'
120' + 2'
120' + 1'
120' + 1'

On 09/12/2023, team Chambéry faces team Grenoble from the Coupe de France, France. Follow the result and the live match of Chambéry vs Grenoble starting at 21:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Chambéry vs Grenoble Formações

Chambéry Chambéry


H. Yvars
V. Hognon


Frédéric Dénervaud
Frédéric Dénervaud (Goalkeeper)
M. Diop
M. Diop (Goalkeeper)
Gregory Gandet
Gregory Gandet (Goalkeeper)
Bobby Allain
Bobby Allain (Goalkeeper)
Joseph Ostrowski
Joseph Ostrowski (Goalkeeper)
B. Maubleu
B. Maubleu (Goalkeeper)
Théo Blachon
Théo Blachon (Goalkeeper)
Théo Cozzi-Buet
Théo Cozzi-Buet (Goalkeeper)
Lucas Labbe
Lucas Labbe (Goalkeeper)
A. Monfray
A. Monfray (Defender)
Christopher Rubod Dit Guillet
Christopher Rubod Dit Guillet (Defender)
L. Néry
L. Néry (Defender)
T. Rolland
T. Rolland (Defender)
G. Paquiez
G. Paquiez (Defender)
L. Sylla
L. Sylla (Defender)
L. Nestor
L. Nestor (Defender)
Nathan Taravel
Nathan Taravel (Defender)
M. Diarra
M. Diarra (Defender)
Corentin Saint-Bonnet
Corentin Saint-Bonnet (Defender)
E. Sarıkaya
E. Sarıkaya (Defender)
Yanis  Teurki
Yanis Teurki (Defender)
A. Mendy
A. Mendy (Defender)
Nikolaz Poujol
Nikolaz Poujol (Defender)
M. Tourraine
M. Tourraine (Defender)
M. Kanouté
M. Kanouté (Defender)
Fabien Tissot-Rosset
Fabien Tissot-Rosset (Defender)
Nicolas Blanc
Nicolas Blanc (Defender)
M. Xantippe
M. Xantippe (Defender)
Maxime Arias
Maxime Arias (Defender)
A. Tchaptchet
A. Tchaptchet (Defender)
Théo Braillon
Théo Braillon (Defender)
S. Touray
S. Touray (Midfielder)
Mohamed Bennour
Mohamed Bennour (Defender)
A. Ngando
A. Ngando (Midfielder)
Y. Saïdani
Y. Saïdani (Defender)
Bachirou Yaméogo
Bachirou Yaméogo (Midfielder)
Djo Kebani
Djo Kebani (Midfielder)
E. Strazzeri
E. Strazzeri (Midfielder)
W. Belbey
W. Belbey (Midfielder)
J. Jeno
J. Jeno (Midfielder)
Peter Barbaret
Peter Barbaret (Midfielder)
J. Bénet
J. Bénet (Midfielder)
Rémy Jacquet
Rémy Jacquet (Midfielder)
O. Bunjaku
O. Bunjaku (Midfielder)
Loïc Albrecht
Loïc Albrecht (Midfielder)
Yoric Ravet
Yoric Ravet (Midfielder)
Hugo Dompnier
Hugo Dompnier (Midfielder)
M. Perez
M. Perez (Midfielder)
L. Molinari
L. Molinari (Midfielder)
N. Mbemba
N. Mbemba (Midfielder)
Oscar Defourny
Oscar Defourny (Midfielder)
Y. Bamba
Y. Bamba (Midfielder)
Gokan Cetin
Gokan Cetin (Midfielder)
M. D'Antona
M. D'Antona (Midfielder)
Jérémy Fillion Nicollet
Jérémy Fillion Nicollet (Midfielder)
Ryan Sanusi
Ryan Sanusi (Midfielder)
Samy Sawaf
Samy Sawaf (Midfielder)
Dante Rigo
Dante Rigo (Midfielder)
Oussama Abdel Fahmani
Oussama Abdel Fahmani (Midfielder)
Julien Delétraz
Julien Delétraz (Midfielder)
F. Clement
F. Clement (Midfielder)
Natanael Ntolla Thio
Natanael Ntolla Thio (Attacker)
Thibaud Martineau
Thibaud Martineau (Midfielder)
L. Joseph
L. Joseph (Attacker)
Nicolas Bury
Nicolas Bury (Attacker)
Terell Ondaan
Terell Ondaan (Attacker)
Yanis Meguireche
Yanis Meguireche (Attacker)
Virgiliu Postolachi
Virgiliu Postolachi (Attacker)
E. Kalayci
E. Kalayci (Attacker)
A. Sbaï
A. Sbaï (Attacker)
Nassim Akrour
Nassim Akrour (Attacker)
L. Jarjou
L. Jarjou (Attacker)
N. De Col
N. De Col (Attacker)
Z. Labyad
Z. Labyad (Attacker)
B. Bellassouar
B. Bellassouar (Attacker)
L. Kpolo
L. Kpolo (Attacker)
Anthony Huc
Anthony Huc (Attacker)
P. Ba
P. Ba (Attacker)
Nikola Volic
Nikola Volic (Attacker)
J. Correa
J. Correa (Attacker)
Naofel Hdoubane
Naofel Hdoubane (Attacker)
Baptiste Dedola
Baptiste Dedola (Attacker)
Jordan Scarantino
Jordan Scarantino (Attacker)
A. Sanyang
A. Sanyang (Attacker)
Ralph Tchaptchet Yomi
Ralph Tchaptchet Yomi (Attacker)
Abdoulaye N
Abdoulaye N'Diaye (Attacker)
Jérémy Fernandez
Jérémy Fernandez (Attacker)
E. Sylvestre
E. Sylvestre (Attacker)
Mamadou Sylla
Mamadou Sylla (Attacker)