Brechin x Dundee 01/07/2023 Friendlies Clubs

Max Anderson
Max Anderson

On 01/07/2023, team Brechin faces team Dundee from the Friendlies Clubs, World. Follow the result and the live match of Brechin vs Dundee starting at 17:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Brechin vs Dundee Formações



A. Kirk
Northern Ireland
T. Docherty


Lewis McMinn
Lewis McMinn (Goalkeeper)
Harrison Sharp
Harrison Sharp (Goalkeeper)
Leonard Wilson
Leonard Wilson (Goalkeeper)
J. McCracken
J. McCracken (Goalkeeper)
Dean Neil Easton
Dean Neil Easton (Goalkeeper)
T. Welsh
T. Welsh (Goalkeeper)
Cameron Winter
Cameron Winter (Goalkeeper)
T. Carson
T. Carson (Goalkeeper)
J. McCabe
J. McCabe (Goalkeeper)
Ruaridh Lynch
Ruaridh Lynch (Goalkeeper)
Kevin McHattie
Kevin McHattie (Defender)
R. Lamie
R. Lamie (Defender)
E. Murray
E. Murray (Defender)
Lee Ashcroft
Lee Ashcroft (Defender)
Michael McArthur
Michael McArthur (Defender)
Christie James Elliott
Christie James Elliott (Defender)
Euan Spark
Euan Spark (Defender)
J. Shaughnessy
J. Shaughnessy (Defender)
Iain Davidson
Iain Davidson (Defender)
Ryan Astley
Ryan Astley (Defender)
Hamish Thomson
Hamish Thomson (Defender)
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall (Defender)
Luke Strachan
Luke Strachan (Defender)
O. Dodgson
O. Dodgson (Defender)
Kostadin Gadzhalov
Kostadin Gadzhalov (Defender)
David Robert MacKay
David Robert MacKay (Defender)
J. Richardson
J. Richardson (Defender)
Jordan McGhee
Jordan McGhee (Defender)
Luc Bollan
Luc Bollan (Defender)
Juan Antonio Portales Villarreal
Juan Antonio Portales Villarreal (Defender)
Lewis Martin
Lewis Martin (Defender)
Craig Donald
Craig Donald (Defender)
Michael Cruickshank
Michael Cruickshank (Defender)
Tom Field
Tom Field (Defender)
Jamie Bain
Jamie Bain (Defender)
Kévin Gomis
Kévin Gomis (Defender)
C. Mudie
C. Mudie (Defender)
Finlay Robertson
Finlay Robertson (Midfielder)
Murray MacKintosh
Murray MacKintosh (Midfielder)
Luke McCowan
Luke McCowan (Midfielder)
R. Ferguson
R. Ferguson (Midfielder)
Charles Graham Adam
Charles Graham Adam (Midfielder)
Anthony McDonald
Anthony McDonald (Midfielder)
Lyall Cameron
Lyall Cameron (Midfielder)
Fraser Macleod
Fraser Macleod (Midfielder)
Charlie Reilly
Charlie Reilly (Midfielder)
C. Kirk
C. Kirk (Midfielder)
Josh Mulligan
Josh Mulligan (Midfielder)
Daniel Handling
Daniel Handling (Midfielder)
Callum Lamb
Callum Lamb (Midfielder)
Marc Scott
Marc Scott (Midfielder)
M. Boateng
M. Boateng (Midfielder)
Martin Scott
Martin Scott (Midfielder)
Mohamad Sylla
Mohamad Sylla (Midfielder)
Seth Patrick
Seth Patrick (Midfielder)
Mayindou Karl Madianga
Mayindou Karl Madianga (Midfielder)
S. Moreland
S. Moreland (Midfielder)
R. Howley
R. Howley (Attacker)
E. White
E. White (Midfielder)
D. Costelloe
D. Costelloe (Attacker)
Ewan Loudon
Ewan Loudon (Midfielder)
C. Main
C. Main (Attacker)
Evan Galasso
Evan Galasso (Attacker)
Zachary Scott Robinson
Zachary Scott Robinson (Attacker)
Leeroy Makovora
Leeroy Makovora (Attacker)
Diego Iván Pineda Juárez
Diego Iván Pineda Juárez (Attacker)
L. Duell
L. Duell (Attacker)
Derick Osei Yaw
Derick Osei Yaw (Attacker)
Grady McGrath
Grady McGrath (Attacker)
Amadou Bakayoko
Amadou Bakayoko (Attacker)
Ross Crawford
Ross Crawford (Attacker)
Dominik Naglik
Dominik Naglik (Attacker)
S. Hastie
S. Hastie (Attacker)
Ryan McInnes junior
Ryan McInnes junior (Attacker)
Przemyslaw Nawrocki
Przemyslaw Nawrocki (Attacker)
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright (Attacker)
Rory Currie
Rory Currie (Attacker)