Ancelotti: “Vinicius Junior is not thinking about leaving Madrid”

Carlo Ancelotti confirms the Brazilian youngster is determined to stay at Real Madrid despite the racist attacks he has been suffering
Josué Seixas
2023-05-24 18:23:21

In a recent statement, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that Vinicius Junior is not thinking of leaving the club. Ancelotti said: “Vinicius is not thinking of leaving. He loves Real Madrid. He wants to succeed here. Vinicius knows this club is his future. His idea is to stay and play for Real Madrid.”

Despite a tough time sportingly, Vinicius Junior is determined to stay at Real Madrid and continue his fight against racism. The Brazilian player feels supported by the club, his coaches and his teammates. He wants to be judged in Spain in the same way as in Europe, and he has never considered leaving Madrid.


The club supports him and he has received positive responses from the world of football, social media and his former sponsor Nike, who are supporting him in an anti-racism campaign. Vinicius Junior is convinced that he is evolving in the best possible team and in the right place to achieve his sporting dreams.

However, he feels that the situation needs to change and that the tensions and verbal insults he faces need to be over. Recent events, especially in the game against Valencia where he was the victim of racist attacks, show the need for stronger measures against racism in Spanish football.

Vinicius Junior refuses to live in an environment that goes against the fundamental principles of coexistence. He will continue to denounce any racist gesture or insult, as well as his differences with the institutions of Spanish football.

Vinicius asks to be treated fairly

The player simply asks to be treated the same as other players and wants to play football in a peaceful environment, proudly wearing the Real Madrid shirt. He never considered leaving the club and his agent did not suggest he looks for another team.

As the end of the season approaches, Vinicius hopes the situation will improve, thanks to the protection of the club and especially the referees, who must judge the events on the pitch and not allow reality to be altered by the VAR.

By staying at Real Madrid, Vinicius Junior intends to continue giving his best to help the team achieve its goals. He renewed his contract last summer until 2027, demonstrating his commitment to the club.