Playing in the “city of mansions”, Lucas Dambros talks about fighting for access to Italian football

The Brazilian has spent seven years playing in Europe and most of them were in Italy
Josué Seixas
2023-05-24 18:09:11

From youth categories of Porto Alegre’s Internacional to Nardó, in Italy. The trajectory of striker Lucas Dambros has lasted seven years in Europe, six of them in Italian football. This Sunday he can write another chapter of his story if Nardó beats Cavese, in the Series D Playoff.

“I arrived this season and the club’s objective was just to stay in the division. We achieved much more than that and we will still have the possibility of access. It has been many years since Nardó has played in the C series, so it will be a difficult duel, but we are prepared for this challenge. We really want this conquest that will be like a title,” he commented.


The two teams have met twice this season. Despite well-played games, with one expulsion for each side, there were two draws.

Palaces, beautiful restaurants and the warmth of the people

Nardò is a medium-sized town in the Salento region of southern Puglia, which has an excellent restaurant infrastructure, as well as a historic center full of small palaces. The approximately 40,000 inhabitants, including Lucas Dambros, enjoy this calm and refinement on a daily basis.

Well adapted, not only to the city, but to the country, the Brazilian is very grateful to Italy, which, according to him, has provided him with everything he has achieved so far. “Life here is wonderful, incredible, historic places, we never get tired of discovering them. This is one of the reasons that lead me to think about staying in Italian football for a long time,” he said.

In addition to this reality, another positive factor found by the striker was the fans. “Passionate and polite”, was how Dambros described the Nardó supporters of the team during games and on the streets of the city.

Lucas has Italian citizenship, which allows him to defend the colors of the Italian national team, if he is called up. At the age of 26 and with a long way to go in football, he leaves that possibility open. “It would be an honor, who knows.”