Young promise! Who is the 15-year-old Brazilian who has already signed for Real Madrid?

Emanuel Benjamin, a right-back who has spent four years in Spain and played for Getafe's junior team, has also played as a striker.
2022-08-09 13:00:48

Many young Brazilians have the same desire of playing for the top teams in the world and becoming a famous football player. However, the road is not smooth; sometimes skill is useless, and other times one has to be at the right place at the right moment.

Imagine that you play football in your country, but your family moves to Spain, one of the world’s major football nations. You then have the opportunity to play for teams in your new nation before being signed by one of the top clubs in the globe.

Do you consider it to be impossible? That’s precisely what occurred with a Brazilian child lately.

Brazilian promise closes with Real Madrid

 Real Madrid introduced 15-year-old Emanuel Benjamin on July 14. The youngster, a Brazilian, moved to Spain with his parents in 2018, despite being born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

He participated in teams like Space Blu and AD Hering when he was still a resident of Brazil and played futsal. He played in the Complutense school when he first came in Spain until 2019, when Rayo Vallecano saw him and hired him.

In 29 games while playing forward for Rayo, he scored 27 goals and assisted 18 others. He joined Getafe shortly after being selected for the Madrid national team in his division.

He discovered a new position to play: right back—on the new team. In 24 games there, there were seven goals and nine assists. One of the factors that led to Real Madrid signing him was his adaptability.

Emanuel still cannot receive salary

Emanuel cannot be paid by Real Madrid since he is under the age of 16 in accordance with Spanish law. The club will only pay for the picture rights right at the moment. When he reaches 16 on March 14 of 2023, he will be allowed to sign a professional contract.

The Brazilian prospect, who already has Spanish citizenship but may also be called up to the under-15 canary national team, is set to sign a five-year deal with Real Madrid as soon as possible, which is the maximum length permitted by FIFA.

More stars in the family?

Emanuel Benjamin’s father, Jeferson Balbinot, has two other kids who are already athletes for Atlético de Madrid, a significant Spanish club. Samuel, eight years old, and Miguel, six.

It was Jeferson who suggested that his family go to Spain. He had previously daydreamed about professionally portraying his children within the four lines. He established the life project of transformation for the Old Continent as a result.

In a recent interview with ESPN Brasil, the father of the new Real Madrid star remarked, “But I constantly remind Emanuel that it can’t only be my dream, it has to be his ambition too.

He said that his children had dreams of one day defending the Brazilian national team, even if they have spent some time in Spain.

Real Madrid has been betting on young Brazilians for a few years

For the team that has won the UEFA Champions League the most times in its history, placing bets on young Brazilian potential is no longer novel (14 titles).

Examples are Vincius Junior and Rodrygo, who are now on the Madrid team. At the age of 17, they were both employed. In 2017, the first one played for Flamengo, while in 2018, the second one played for Santos.

The two players couldn’t play for the most successful club on earth until a year after they signed the contract since they were too young at the time.