They broke barriers! The youngest players to debut in professional football

Forget about 16 and 17-year-olds. Before then, we’ve witnessed the youngest person to ever play in a professional game. Meet the top 5 in the globe!
2022-08-31 14:04:39

Fans were drawn to Angelo because of his youthful age and Santos origin. He participated in his first professional game for the Vila team at the age of only 15. Only the legendary Coutinho, who began his career at age 14, is younger than him.

However, players had their first chance at professional football much earlier all over the globe. Others have won significant championships in Europe, while others are just unknowns.

The five youngest players to play professionally in the world

The 15 youngest players to participate in an official match were identified by a 90min internet poll. Check out the top five!

  • 1st – Erick Marshall (Liberia) – 10 years;
  • 2nd – Mauricio Baldivieso (Bolivia) – 12 years old;
  • 3rd – Falcao García (Colombia) – 13 years and 199 days;
  • 4th – Axel Kei (United States) – 13 years and 9 months;
  • 5th – Freddy Adu (United States) – 14 years old.

Because the 10-year-old competed against athletes twice or three times his own age, Erick Marshall’s tale is remarkable. This occurred in Liberia’s fourth division.

The fact rose to prominence, even in a little competition. Marshall, at 11 years old, participated in the second game wearing the FC Ga’rou jersey.

Falcao Garcia is the best known name

Falcao Garcia was an unknown footballer until scoring a hat-trick for River Plate against Botafogo in 2007. Due to this, the Brazilian club was disqualified from the Copa Sudamericana. In reality, the 21-year-old was only eight years old.

With Lanceros Boyacá, he made his professional football debut at the young age of 13 years and 199 days. The 1999 season of Colombia’s second division was covered by the event. He participated in seven additional games the following year at the age of 14.

Before signing up with River Plate in 2001, Falcao played in the youth leagues. He made his professional debut in Argentina in 2004. After that, the star had success with prestigious football teams in Europe.

On the list of the youngest athletes are other athletes like James Rodriguez and Sergio Aguero, both of whom were 15 years old (14 years old).

In Brazil, Ângelo made history at Santos

Santos’ striker Angelo Gabriel made history in the 2020 Brazilian Championship. The teenager, who was just 15 years old, played in Fluminense’s loss and set the record for being the youngest player to do so during the period of straight points.

King Pelé was eclipsed by Angelo in the Santos record book by only 11 days. Only Coutinho, who was 14 years and 11 months old, was younger when he first on the pitch.

Even after two years, Angelo hasn’t “exploded,” but he’s still a highly regarded athlete. Transfermarkt estimates his worth at 11 million euros.

Vitor Roque debuted at the age of 16 at Cruzeiro

Vitor Roque, who is now at Athletico, made his field debut with Cruzeiro in 2021 at the age of 16. In October, a match that counted toward the Brazilian Série B was held.

The striker took the pitch in the second half and was replaced after 18 minutes, contrary to the expectations of the audience. It was really challenging for him to assist with the marking.

However, 2022 was the year of atonement, and Athletico became interested in the team due to their strong showings in the Campeonato Mineiro. Even though Cruzeiro objected, the Paraná club paid the fine and took the young guy.

At the age of 17, Vitor Roque scored the Hurricane classification goal in extra time against Estudiantes in the Libertadores semifinals.