CBF list: Who are the best young Brazilians most rated in world football?

The organization named 18 players who may someday win the Ballon d'Or. See what their names are!
2022-08-22 10:43:03

For 15 years, Brazil have been without having the best player in the world. Despite this, there are several ways to retake first place on the podium in the next years. A list of 18 players that the CBF Research and Analysis Center recently deemed to have “the best potential in the world” was put together.

The experts evaluated more recent athletes who do not yet have a well-established career at their clubs. The absence of famous sportsmen like Neymar is explained by this. However, names that experts have not yet encountered are highlighted. Look at this!

Discover the list of the “best potentials in the world”

The CBF team chose the following 18 names:

  • Andrey (midfielder, Vasco);
  • Angelo (striker, Santos);
  • Endrick (striker, Palmeiras);
  • Kaio Jorge (forward, Juventus);
  • Lázaro (midfielder, Flamengo);
  • Luis Guilherme (midfielder, Palmeiras);
  • Marcos Leonardo (striker, Santos);
  • Martinelli (striker, Arsenal);
  • Matheus Gonçalves (midfielder, Flamengo);
  • Matheus Martins (striker, Fluminense);
  • Nathan Ribeiro (striker, Grêmio);
  • Patryck (left-back, São Paulo);
  • Pedrinho (midfielder, Corinthians);
  • Reinier (midfielder, Real Madrid);
  • Rodrygo (forward, Real Madrid);
  • Vinicius Tobias (right-back, Real Madrid);
  • Vitor Roque (striker, Athletico);
  • Yuri Alberto (striker, Corinthians).

Names that have not yet debuted in the professional were mapped

One remarkable truth is that some players have never played professionally yet already stand out as major discoveries. The Palmeiras teammates Luis Guilherme and Endrick, who helped Verdao win the inaugural Copinha championship, are the most well-known.

Even though the two are just 16 years old, many supporters want to see them on the Abel Ferreira-coached squad. Endrick is closer and has been working out with the pros since the first of August. He could yet make its debut in the 2022 Brazilian Olympics.

These players might be seen as “bets” to break out in international football in the future due to their youth. In any case, the Brazilian squad is keeping an eye on them since they show promise for future World Cup tournaments.

Consolidated players in Europe were not selected

A few players on the list who are thriving in European football are often overlooked.

This group includes Neymar and Vinicius Junior, who both scored the Champions League title goal the previous year. But they weren’t added on purpose.

The CBF wants to expand the area it is monitoring while bearing in mind the 2026 and 2030 World Cups. Famous athletes who start for the Brazilian National Team are given priority consideration in this case for the award.

Which players are closest to the prize?

Some names on the CBF list stand out because they are gaining ground in their teams.

Gabriel Martinelli, who earned the season’s first start and scored in Arsenal’s first two Premier League contests, is one of them.

The same is true of Rodrygo, who led Real Madrid to victory against Manchester City in the Champions League semifinals. Although he is not yet a starter for the Merengue, it may not be long.

That being stated, Neymar must participate in the conflict. The 30-year-old ace has had a strong start to the season and has a fantastic chance to advance to the World Cup level.

It’s important to keep in mind that the tournament will only be valid for the next Best in the World edition. That is, the Brazilian award drought might end along with the hexa with Neymar’s signature. Vini Jr. and Raphinha further back are also deserving of consideration.

Brazil have not had a Ballon d’Or since 2007

Kaká was the last Brazilian athlete to be crowned the best in the world in 2007. After then, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi started to control the prize.

Brazilians other than only Ronaldo and Rivaldo have previously won the FIFA award. Neymar has lately gotten the closest. He came in third in 2015 and 2017.

Remember that Queen Marta earned six votes, the most recent of which was in 2018. The battle for men’s football’s deserved place in the limelight has begun.