Senator showcases Andreas’ mistake in the 2021 Libertadores final in the CPI on Sports Betting

The Upper House of Brazil investigates irregularities involving athletes, referees, and bettors in Brazilian sports
Josué Seixas
2024-04-23 15:04:42

On Monday (22), Senator Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ) used a famous play from South American football in recent years as an example in the CPI on Match Fixing and Sports Betting.

The Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, established in the Federal Senate last year, is investigating possible manipulations by bettors, football players, referees, coaches, among others, in football.

“To show how dangerous it is to only look at the athlete"s behavior. The play I"m going to mention — and I also brought it up at the Good Game hearing — contradicts the analysis that the behavior of athletes is decisive. There was no manipulation, I want to make it clear. There was no manipulation, but see how dangerous it is to only focus on the behavior of athletes," said Senator Carlos Portinho.


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John Textor was at the Federal Senate on Monday (22)

The owner of SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol) of Botafogo, John Textor, was at the Federal Senate in Brasília to testify in the CPI (Parliamentary Inquiry Commission) on Match Fixing and Sports Betting.

The American stated that match manipulation is a reality, not only in Brazil but also in Europe. He reiterated that, in his view, Botafogo was robbed in the 2023 Brazilian Championship.

“What we discovered is no different from the rest of the world, Belgium, France, all of Europe. Match manipulation [in football] is a reality," began John Textor.

“I own a club, I want to win championships, and if I can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that 2022 was manipulated, that 2023 was manipulated, along with other evidence of abnormalities, it could lead to the Sports Tribunal, the police, and this legislative body taking action," continued Textor.

“These are not errors in the application of the rules, I realized it wasn"t a misinterpretation. The rules for calling offside, fouls, the games I watched, which indirectly affected Botafogo, I made sure to look at them from a new perspective," added the American.

John Textor calls for Ednaldo Rodrigues" resignation

“This needs to change. Ednaldo, you need to resign for the good of the game. This needs to stop. This is theft, fine me. You can"t expel me, it"s my stadium, I will continue here," declared John Textor, owner of SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol) of Botafogo.

Zagallo documentary

Sambafoot Series has launched a new documentary about the football legend Zagallo. Known as ‘Velho Lobo’ and as superstitious as it gets, Zagallo helped shape what Brazilian football is nowadays – as a player and as a coach. The first and second episodes is available in Sambafoot’s Youtube channel and the series will receive weekly releases to tell this legend’s life story.