Cuiabá stun Botafogo to claim shock win at Nilton Santos for the first game of the Taça do Brasil round of 16

Cuiabá came out victorious against Botafogo on Monday at the Nilton Santos stadium for the first leg of the Copa do Brasil round of 16.

The game finished 1-0 in favor of the away side and the goal was scored by Matheus Barbosa in the 55th minute after the midfielder took advantage of Honda’s mistake shooting from a long range outside the area. The game was balanced, with both teams looking to put pressure on each other’s defenses. However, there were no clear chances of goal in the game. 

After the competition was stopped due to the issue of the coronavirus pandemicCuiabá announced some new additions to the team for the season. 

The alvinegro team did not perform quite as expected throughout the entirety of the match.

They made series of mistakes in creation and taking their chances, which cost them the victorious to Cuiabá. One of the highlight of the game was when Young Rhuan took an unusual corner kick. The player sent the ball straight through the bottom line, which didn’t reach the goal area at all. It was a day to forget for Botafogo. 

With the victory, the away side has an upper hand. The team will advance to the quarter finals of the Brazil Cup with only a draw at home in the Arena Pantanal next Tuesday.  

It is of much importance to state the rule change, a goal scored away from home is no longer a tiebreaker criteria in the competition, as well as in the last two seasons. So, if Cuiabá loses 1-0 at home as well, the game goes straight to extra time then penalties. 

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