Rivaldo Fears for Dembele Future If Neymar Rejoins

31/08/2019 6:30 PM

Former Barcelona and Brazil legend Rivaldo says that he thinks Ousmane Dembele could leave Barcelona if they are successful in their bid to re-sign Neymar from PSG.

Barcelona are working against the clock to try to re-capture the Brazilian forward after two seasons in Paris.

Rivaldo told Betfair that he thinks Ousmane Dembele could be sold on to help fund Neymar’s homecoming.

“I don't see Barcelona trying to get rid of Ousmane Dembele because of his constant problems – he is a great player with big potential,” he said.

“But if Neymar returns to the club, Dembele would perhaps lose his place in the squad, and using him as exchange instead of spending too much money could be an option for Barcelona.

"Neymar can give what other players can't. He knows the locker room and the club's supporters, and in addition to his quality as a player he knows most of his teammates who would enjoy having him on their side again. And Neymar is also looking ready to return and grab some more titles with the club.”


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