Hexa shirt? The evolution of the Brazilian national team Jerseys

The jerseys for the 2022 World Cup were unveiled by CBF. Keep in mind how Brazil performed in previous World Cups!
2022-08-15 10:36:25

Brazilian supporters were familiar with the team’s gear with just a few months before the World Cup in Qatar. The shirts split thoughts on social networks with a distinct theme.

Naturally, it is anticipated that the sixth title will cement the jerseys’ place in history. However, do you recall how the Selection performed in the previous World Cups? Keep in mind the advancements since 1930!

The Brazilian team released the uniforms for the 2022 World Cup

Nike officially unveiled the Brazilian national team’s kits for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on Monday, August 8th. “Dress the Claw” is the collection’s central motif.

The jaguar allusions, which included a print on the yellow shirt’s front and green accents on the blue shirt’s sleeve, were the big news. The latter, incidentally, was well praised and criticized.

Campaign had the participation of players and personalities

Players, former stars, and prominent Brazilians attended the unveiling of the jersey. One of them was Ronaldo Phenomenon, a penta star.

Names like Richarlison and Philippe Coutinho from the current cast also took part. The advertisement also features rapper Djonga, sprinter Paulo André, and streamer Gaules.

Removing the political undertone from the jersey of the national team was one of the supplier’s goals. This explains why celebrities and artists participated while donning the new outfit.

Controversial blue shirt sold out in an hour

The blue outfit is still a top seller in spite of the criticism. On the official website of the provider, the components could be purchased for $349, but they were gone in less than an hour. The yellow one remained on the market.

Nike claims that customers who were unable to purchase the uniform would have a fresh chance on the 12th. This time, sales will be conducted in actual storefronts and over the whole Brazilian market.

Uniforme da Seleção Brasileira para a Copa do Mundo de 2022

Fotos: Nike

Remember the evolution of the national team uniforms in World Cups

Brazil have used a variety of jerseys in World Cups since 1930. It has been customary in recent years to introduce a new line just for the competition. View the progression of uniforms!

White uniform in the first cups

For the last several decades, the yellow shirt has been associated with tradition, but it wasn’t always that way. The Selection wore white during the first ever match, which took place in 1914. Up until 1950, this pattern was maintained with very minor adjustments.

The primary distinction is that the shirt and shorts detailing in the first Cups were blue. The outfit was once again all-white during the World Cup that was held there.

Introduction of the canary in 1954

CBD made the decision to alter the Brazilian team’s clothing after the “Maracanazo.” In order to do this, they organized a competition where participants may submit their concepts in collaboration with Jornal Correio da Manx.

The four flag colours should be present was the key argument. Gaucho Aldyr Shlee, who provided a model wearing a yellow and green shirt, blue shorts, and white socks, was the winner. The canary uniform resulted from this.

Title with the blue shirt in 1958

Brazil won their first World Cup in 1958, proving that the adjustment was successful. The most intriguing aspect of the last match was that Sweden likewise wore yellow, necessitating a CBD replacement.

The shields were cut out and sewn on top of blue shirts that were last-minute purchases made in Stockholm. It was successful; Brazil won the cup and even the blue suit that was used as a backup.

Changes in 1994 were marked

Brazil have since made the yellow jersey their primary colour. The uniform had significant alterations in 1994, the year of the tetra, including the material and the addition of three shields in relief on the front.

The jersey acquired green accents for the fifth championship in 2002. The latter iterations of the canary jersey were more straightforward, always using yellow as the main colour.

In actuality, not everyone agrees with the Brazilian team’s new uniform line. However, similar to 1994 and 2002, the adjustments could be beneficial for the sixth championship in Qatar.