John Textor tells Brazil Senate São Paulo players took bribes

John Textor provides evidence of corruption to parliamentary inquiry, sparking immediate federal investigation.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-04-24 10:56:32

John Textor, owner of Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas, reaffirmed his match-fixing allegations against São Paulo players during a parliamentary inquiry on sports betting this Monday. Textor accused them of accepting bribes in a match they lost 5-0 to Palmeiras. He claimed to possess an audio recording that implicates a referee in corruption.


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Reacting swiftly, Senator Jorge Kajuru reported the accusations to Andrei Rodrigues, director of the federal police, and demanded Textor provide evidence within 24 hours.

Technological evidence

The newly formed inquiry commission (CPI), led by Kajuru and Senator Eduardo Girão, with former footballer Romário as rapporteur, is investigating these match-fixing allegations. “I have technological proof that points to unnatural behaviors,” Textor disclosed in a confidential CPI meeting, explaining that his technology flagged unusual behavior in five São Paulo players during the match.

Romário questioned the technology’s accuracy, asking, “How can we be sure the technology isn’t just picking up a momentary lapse in concentration rather than deliberate match-fixing?”

Textor has been tracking match-fixing since 2017 and highlighted other suspicious incidents, including VAR errors and questionable officiating in matches involving Palmeiras.

The CPI meets weekly to probe deeper into these claims, with possible football bans on the line for any confirmed misconduct.

“It’s a very important day for me and I hope it’s also for Brazilian football,” Textor said, commending the CPI’s dedication to tackling match-fixing. Senator Do Rêgo praised Textor’s involvement, emphasizing the importance of his collaborative efforts in addressing these critical issues.

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