Cássio considers leaving Corinthians due to heavy criticism

Corinthians, now winless in their last four matches, will next face Fluminense at the Neo Química Arena on Sunday.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-04-24 12:56:29

Corinthians goalkeeper Cássio voiced his frustrations after the team’s 1-0 loss to Argentinos Jrs in the Copa Sudamericana at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium. Cássio, bearing the weight of blame, said to ESPN, “Everything wrong that happens at Corinthians is my responsibility. If I’m the biggest culprit, maybe it’s time to leave and follow my path.”


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Acknowledging his role in the team’s struggles, Cássio stated, “I’ll be there; I’m the captain, the oldest. It’s difficult, we are all human. I make mistakes.” He also revealed the emotional toll the criticism has taken on him in an interview with SBT: “It’s hard; I’ve been beaten like a dog. I’m going to see a psychologist, a psychiatrist, it’s really tough.”

Despite the pressure, Cássio remains reflective and committed, noting, “I’ve always done everything for Corinthians. If this is my last year, my time ends here, I’m grateful for everything.”

Remembering Zagallo

Sambafoot Series launched a new documentary about the football legend Zagallo. Known as ‘Velho Lobo‘ and as superstitious as it gets, Zagallo helped shape what Brazilian football is nowadays — as a player and as a coach.

The first and second episodes are available on Sambafoot’s Youtube channel and the series will receive weekly releases to tell this legend’s life story.