Fluminense moves to extend Coach Diniz’s contract

Club aims for stability by keeping coach and managing finances, inspired by Libertadores win.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-03-28 10:52:17

Fluminense aims to renew coach Fernando Diniz’s contract until the end of 2025, President Mário Bittencourt announced, optimistic about closing the deal in April. “We had a difficult time at Carioca, but it is over. We are convinced of what we do. We will continue with our coach,” Bittencourt shared at the Futsummit in Rio.

With contract extension talks already in progress, the club anticipates finalizing terms soon. “I believe that within the month of April we can reach a common denominator and announce the extension,” Bittencourt conveyed, signaling the club’s strong belief in its path forward.


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Addressing potential squad reinforcements, Bittencourt emphasized Fluminense’s dedication to financial stability and the principles of its rebuilding effort.

“We are not going to move away from our management pillars, especially in relation to the club’s financial reconstruction,” he asserted, stressing how important it is to match dreams with what’s affordable, a lesson learned from winning the Libertadores trophy.

For the future, Bittencourt outlined the club’s financial plans for 2024 and 2025, focused on continuing its restructuring project without altering its approach to growth and spending. “But we’re not going to do anything different from what we’ve been doing,” he stated, ensuring a consistent strategy moving forward.

Moreover, he expressed confidence in the club’s ongoing negotiations in the market, expecting positive outcomes by mid-year. “We are already in the market negotiating our rights,” Bittencourt stated, highlighting Fluminense’s proactive approach in securing a favorable position for the future.