With a record of women in charge, Brasileirão Feminino will have more investments and expectations in 2022

During this edition, a new record for the number of coaches on the grounds will be established.
2022-02-04 12:54:19

The Brazilian Women’s Football Championship began on March 6th.  The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has organized the tournament since 2013, and it is presently in its ninth season. The competition is expected to conclude on September 25th.

Last but not least, Corinthians, the current champion, are serious challengers for the title. The Parque Sao Jorge squad also won the Copa Libertadores da América and the Campeonato Paulista in 2021, and they boast a strong squad that includes defender Érika, midfielder Tamires, and striker Adriana, all of whom had previous experience with the club and the Brazilian National Team.

Palmeiras, who came in second last season, are another strong team who will make life difficult for their opponents. This is due to Bia Zaneratto, Verdao’s key player. Bia was the best player and top scorer in the Women’s Brasileirão in 2021, in addition to being called up to the national team on a regular basis.

Competitiveness is predicted to improve as a result of reformulations and greater investments. Atlético-MG, Grêmio, and Bragantino have all made big changes to their lineups and have the potential to cause upsets as well. For example, the Sao Paulo team sponsored by the Austrian business Red Bull, won the A2 Series in 2021.

The table below lists all sixteen clubs playing in the 2022 Brazilian Women’s Championship.




Atlético Belo Horizonte (MG) 0
Avaí/Kindermann Florianópolis (SC) 0
Corinthians São Paulo (SP) 3 (último em 2021)
CRESSPOM Brasília (DF) 0
Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte (MG) 0
ESMAC Ananindeua (PA) 0
Ferroviária Araraquara (SP) 2 (último em 2019)
Flamengo Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 1 (em 2016)
Grêmio Porto Alegre (RS) 0
Internacional Porto Alegre (RS) 0
Palmeiras São Paulo (SP) 0
Real Brasília Brasília (DF) 0
Red Bull Bragantino Bragança Paulista (SP) 0
Santos Santos (SP) 1 (em 2017)
São José São José dos Campos (SP) 0
São Paulo São Paulo (SP) 0

Coaches’ record

Female football players in the United States will have good news in 2022. This edition will establish a new record for the number of coaches on the edge of the pitch during the tournament matches. About a third of the clubs will be led by women.

The edition with the most women in charge was 2021, which had four pros in control of the teams.

You can see how the number of coaches has varied over time in the table below.


Number of coaches


2013 1 Aline Costa (Tuna Luso)
2014 2 Gleice Falcão (Náutico) e Aline Costa (Pinheirense)
2015 3 Gleide Costa (Botafogo-PB), Emily Lima (São José) e Aline Costa (Pinheirense-PA)
2016 1 Emily Lima (São José)
2017 2 Ana Lúcia (Ponte Preta) e Patrícia Gusmão (Grêmio)
2018 3 Ana Lúcia (Ponte Preta), Emily Lima (Santos) e Macarena Deichler (São Francisco-BA)
2019 3 Emily Lima (Santos), Tatiele Silveira (Ferroviária) e Keila Felício (Sport Recife)
2020 2 Tatiele Silveira (Ferroviária) e Patrícia Gusmão (Grêmio)
2021 4 Carine Bosseti (Napoli-SC), Lindsay Camila (Ferroviária), Patrícia Gusmão (Grêmio) e Christiane Lessa (Santos)
2022 5 Patrícia Gusmão (Grêmio), Tatiele Silveira (Santos), Roberta Batista (Ferroviária), Lindsay Camila (Atlético-MG) e Rosana Augusta (Bragantino)

About the Women’s Brasileirão

The Brazilian Women’s Football Championship is the country’s most prestigious event for female footballers. The winner of this tournament determines who would represent the country in the Copa Libertadores de América the following year.

The Brasileirão Feminino featured 20 competing teams from its beginning in 2013 until the structure was altered in 2017, when it was reduced to 16 teams. The competition was also extended to include a second level that same year (Serie A2).

In 2021, the third national level (Serie A3) was founded, and Corinthians were crowned as the tournament’s best single champion with three titles. The squad had been tied with Ferroviária with two wins apiece until then. Rio Preto-SP, Centro Olmpico-SP, Flamengo, and Santos are the other teams on the competition’s podium, each with one title.