Santos begin their journey in the Brasileirão Serie B: How long did it take other giants to get promoted?

Peixe will play in the Brazilian second tier for the first time
Martín O'Donnell
2024-04-20 12:04:08

2024 will mark an unprecedented and unfortunate event for Santos: their debut in the Brasileirão Serie B. After suffering relegation for the first time ever last year, Peixe will begin their journey in the Brazilian second division today (4:30 PM Brasília time) against Paysandu.

While this is a huge disappointment for the team where Pelé and Neymar once stood out, other historic clubs of the country have also been through this situation. Especially in this century, with the implementation of the Brasileirão Serie A current format, which sends four teams to the second tier every year.


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Returning to the elite of Brazilian football is not an easy task, as some Brazilian giants had to wait to achieve promotion.

Brasileirão: How long it took other Brazilian giants to return to Serie A

2002: Botafogo and Palmeiras

Fogao and Verdao dropped to the second division in 2002, and it took them just one season to return. After a great campaign in 2003, both were back in the first division for the 2004 season.

2004: Grêmio

After being relegated in 2004, Grêmio made a strong impact in Serie B to return to Serie A in 2006.

2005: Atlético Mineiro

While their state rivals went up, Galo dropped to the second tier, but it didn’t last long: their stay was for only one season.

2007: Corinthians

2007 was a dark year for Timao with relegation to Serie B, but by 2009, they were back in the top-flight.

2009: Vasco da Gama

Vasco would suffer the first of several relegations in 2009, but this time, they were in the second division for only one year.

2012: Palmeiras

2012 saw Palmeiras fall again, but Alviverde quickly returned by winning the Serie B title in 2013.

2013: Vasco da Gama

Once again, Vascao dropped but returned in the first year.

2014: Botafogo

Like in 2002, Botafogo got relegated but it took them only one season to get promoted again.

2015: Vasco da Gama

Vasco’s streak of relegations continued, yet once again, they returned after just one campaign in the Serie B.

2016: Internacional

2016 marked Internacional’s relegation, but Colorado bounced back in 2017 by completing a quick Serie A return to immediately forget about this sad chapter.

2019: Cruzeiro

Unlike the aforementioned clubs, Cruzeiro took longer to return to the elite of Brazilian football: they spent three seasons in Serie B (2020, 2021, and 2022) until they got back to where they always wanted to be in 2023.

2020: Botafogo and Vasco da Gama

Two important teams that struggled to settle in Serie A, Botafogo and Vasco dropped together to the second division in 2020. Glorioso returned in their first attempt, while Gigante da Colina took two seasons to get back to the Serie A.

2021: Grêmio

Another relegation for Tricolor gaúcho, who despite the sadness, recovered quickly as they only spent the 2022 season in the second division.

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