Brasileirão Série B: the biggest clubs that have lifted the second division trophy

Many historic clubs in Brazil found themselves playing in the second division
Martín O'Donnell
2024-04-19 19:41:38

One of the things that make the Brasileirão so special is that no team is safe from relegation, regardless of their popularity or historical success. With four relegation spots, many storied clubs in the country saw themselves playing in the second division at some point.

The Brazilian Serie B officially began in 1971, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that it started to be played more consistently, though it had some interruptions.


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Since then, there have been different formats until 2006. That year, it implemented the format that has been used by the top-flight since 2003: 20 clubs in a round-robin tournament with 38 rounds, four promotions and four relegations.

As mentioned, the Brazilian second division saw many giants in the last few years, with high-profile sides lifting the trophy. Botafogo, Palmeiras, Grêmio, Vasco, Atlético Mineiro, Corinthians, and Cruzeiro are the most relevant teams that were crowned in Serie B.

The Brazilian giants who have won the Serie B title

  • Botafogo: 2 times (2015 and 2021)
  • Palmeiras: 2 (2003 and 2013)
  • Grêmio: 1 (2005)
  • Vasco da Gama: 1 (2009)
  • Atlético Mineiro: 1 (2006)
  • Corinthians: 1 (2008)
  • Cruzeiro: 1 (2022)

Will it be Santos’ turn in 2024?

The last historic team to suffer relegation were Santos, who dropped to Serie B for the first time ever last season. Peixe will make their debut in the competition this year, aiming to quickly return to the top-flight. Will they achieve their goal while lifting the trophy?

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