Joelinton and Guimarães will play the Champions League next year with Newcastle

They only needed a draw against Leicester and now it's done
Josué Seixas
2023-05-23 14:46:02

This is it. It is a moment when the old ones will tell the little ones about the incredible feat that took place before their amazed eyes. Indeed, yesterday Newcastle have returned to glory in the Champions League, a competition that has eluded them since 2003, when the legendary Allan Shearer thrilled supporters.

But this time, it was two Brazilians who took on the role of heroes in the Magpies team: Bruno Guimarães and Joelinton. These two compatriots were the true architects of this resounding feat. Positioned in the heart of midfield, they not only solidified that area, but were also major players in attack.


13 goals between them

Guimarães has been sparkling with 5 assists and 5 goals to his name. His vision of the game and his precision in the last pass allowed Newcastle to create many goalscoring chances. His attacking flair has amazed supporters and challenged opposing defenses throughout the season.

As for Joelinton, he was a real executioner for the opposing defences, scoring 8 goals and also providing several assists (3). His physical power, coupled with his fine technique, has wreaked havoc on Premier League pitches. He became a real nightmare for goalkeepers, who had little respite from his powerful and precise shots.

Mathematically speaking, this qualification is due to the fact that Liverpool, who occupy 5th place in the standings, are 4 points behind Newcastle with only one round left to play.

It is known, the misfortune of some sometimes makes the happiness of others, especially in football.