Ancelotti confirms he stays at Real Madrid. It’s time for Brazil to look for another coach

The Italian coach declared again that his future is in the Spanish capital, which is why the Brazilian team would have to start evaluating alternatives
Josué Seixas
2023-05-23 14:36:15

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) still has to nominate a replacement for Tite, who left the position of national coach in Brazil after the elimination in the quarter finals of the World Cup. The candidate from the first moment seemed to be Carlo Ancelotti, but his departure from Real Madrid appears to be more and more complicated.

The Brazilian staff has decided to wait what is necessary to see if this situation could be resolved, since it seems possible that the Italian would leave the Spanish club once the season ends. However, Carletto seems determined to stay at the Bernabéu.


Carlo Ancelotti announces that he wants to stay in Madrid

“Yesterday we talked as usual, we do it almost every week. We held a meeting in which (club president Florentino Perez) expressed his support and affection. We talk about the game on Wednesday, the season that is ending and the two seasons together. We continue forward with the same and even more enthusiasm to do things well,” Ancelotti said before Madrid’s defeat against Valencia.

“The club has guaranteed me that I will fulfill my contract. I am with the same strength as when I arrived. Even after the defeats, more. The illusion of being in Madrid is always maximum. Everyone knows very well what my situation is: contract until 2024 and I want to continue”, he assured.

At least publicly, Ancelotti made it clear that his intention is to fulfill his contract with Madrid. Regardless of whether the Merengues directive makes another decision, Brazil may have to turn the page and start looking for candidates who do show interest in the position.