Les Herbiers x Guingamp 19/11/2022 Coupe de France

On 19/11/2022, team Les Herbiers faces team Guingamp from the Coupe de France, France. Follow the result and the live match of Les Herbiers vs Guingamp starting at 20:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Les Herbiers vs Guingamp Formações



L. David
S. Dumont


Jules Rolland
Jules Rolland (Goalkeeper)
E. Basilio
E. Basilio (Goalkeeper)
Rémi Pillot
Rémi Pillot (Goalkeeper)
D. Youfeigane
D. Youfeigane (Goalkeeper)
Thomas Le Martelot
Thomas Le Martelot (Goalkeeper)
Ewen Jaouen
Ewen Jaouen (Goalkeeper)
Mickaël Caradec
Mickaël Caradec (Goalkeeper)
V. Manceau
V. Manceau (Defender)
J. Mohimont
J. Mohimont (Goalkeeper)
B. Roux
B. Roux (Defender)
Anthony Dupré
Anthony Dupré (Goalkeeper)
L. Mbe Soh
L. Mbe Soh (Defender)
Diakari Diarra
Diakari Diarra (Defender)
D. Gomis
D. Gomis (Defender)
Yamcouba Seydi
Yamcouba Seydi (Defender)
M. Sivis
M. Sivis (Defender)
Kalifa Traoré
Kalifa Traoré (Defender)
S. Quemper
S. Quemper (Defender)
Anzo Lesage
Anzo Lesage (Defender)
J. Mombris
J. Mombris (Defender)
Léo Jousselin
Léo Jousselin (Defender)
T. Luvambo
T. Luvambo (Defender)
Benjamin Brélivet
Benjamin Brélivet (Defender)
P. Lemonnier
P. Lemonnier (Defender)
Alexandre Lavenant
Alexandre Lavenant (Defender)
F. Eboa Eboa
F. Eboa Eboa (Defender)
Joris Ndiaye
Joris Ndiaye (Defender)
M. Riou
M. Riou (Defender)
Matthieu Chemin
Matthieu Chemin (Defender)
J. Livolant
J. Livolant (Midfielder)
Thibaut Plisson
Thibaut Plisson (Defender)
W. Tchimbembé
W. Tchimbembé (Midfielder)
Pierre Lavenant
Pierre Lavenant (Midfielder)
M. Barthelmé
M. Barthelmé (Midfielder)
Yanel Temmar
Yanel Temmar (Midfielder)
Hugo Picard
Hugo Picard (Midfielder)
Christopher Joufreau
Christopher Joufreau (Midfielder)
L. Carnot
L. Carnot (Midfielder)
Djiman Waidi Kokou
Djiman Waidi Kokou (Midfielder)
Guessouma Fofana
Guessouma Fofana (Midfielder)
Sacha Semaoun
Sacha Semaoun (Midfielder)
T. Muyumba
T. Muyumba (Midfielder)
Abdoulaye Bomou
Abdoulaye Bomou (Midfielder)
M. Merghem
M. Merghem (Midfielder)
Maxime Carneiro
Maxime Carneiro (Midfielder)
T. Le Normand
T. Le Normand (Midfielder)
Kylian Gasnier
Kylian Gasnier (Midfielder)
S. Diarra
S. Diarra (Midfielder)
Florian Milla Makongo
Florian Milla Makongo (Midfielder)
J. Gaudin
J. Gaudin (Midfielder)
Lucas Daury
Lucas Daury (Midfielder)
Vicky Kiankaulua
Vicky Kiankaulua (Midfielder)
Jordan Dore
Jordan Dore (Midfielder)
D. Louiserre
D. Louiserre (Midfielder)
Jeremy Billy
Jeremy Billy (Attacker)
B. Guillaume
B. Guillaume (Attacker)
Anthony Payet
Anthony Payet (Attacker)
J. Siwe
J. Siwe (Attacker)
Aka Anderson Banvo Amon
Aka Anderson Banvo Amon (Attacker)
G. Courtet
G. Courtet (Attacker)
Stéphane Thierry Zobo
Stéphane Thierry Zobo (Attacker)
Amine El Ouazzani
Amine El Ouazzani (Attacker)
D. Djigla
D. Djigla (Attacker)
Isaac Matondo
Isaac Matondo (Attacker)
Samuel Genty
Samuel Genty (Attacker)
Thomas Caillaud
Thomas Caillaud (Attacker)
Pierre Grellier
Pierre Grellier (Attacker)
Ansou Sow
Ansou Sow (Attacker)
Manuel Semedo Da Veiga
Manuel Semedo Da Veiga (Attacker)