Évreux 27 x Bastia 07/01/2023 Coupe de France

120' + 5'
120' + 4'
120' + 4'
120' + 3'
120' + 2'
120' + 2'
K. Van Den Kerkhof
K. Van Den Kerkhof
120' + 1'

On 07/01/2023, team Évreux 27 faces team Bastia from the Coupe de France, France. Follow the result and the live match of Évreux 27 vs Bastia starting at 15:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Évreux 27 vs Bastia Formações

Évreux 27 Évreux 27


R. Brouard


Thomas Lijour
Thomas Lijour (Goalkeeper)
Alexis Thébaux
Alexis Thébaux (Goalkeeper)
Alexandre Lefebvre
Alexandre Lefebvre (Goalkeeper)
J. Fabri
J. Fabri (Goalkeeper)
André Costa da Silva
André Costa da Silva (Goalkeeper)
J. Placide
J. Placide (Goalkeeper)
Gaetan Boisroux
Gaetan Boisroux (Goalkeeper)
G. Fontana
G. Fontana (Goalkeeper)
Léopold Dufaut
Léopold Dufaut (Goalkeeper)
K. Kaïboué
K. Kaïboué (Defender)
Victor Hocepied
Victor Hocepied (Goalkeeper)
Drissa Diakité
Drissa Diakité (Defender)
Kévin Giboyau
Kévin Giboyau (Defender)
J. Sainati
J. Sainati (Defender)
Batissaninque Mendes
Batissaninque Mendes (Defender)
Dylan Tavares
Dylan Tavares (Defender)
Amede Kabongo
Amede Kabongo (Defender)
Issiar Dramé
Issiar Dramé (Defender)
Sadia  Diakhabi
Sadia Diakhabi (Defender)
L. Palun
L. Palun (Defender)
Alexander Borja Viegas D
Alexander Borja Viegas D'abreu (Defender)
D. Guidi
D. Guidi (Defender)
Jonathan Betin
Jonathan Betin (Defender)
A. Ndiaye
A. Ndiaye (Defender)
Evrald Loubacky
Evrald Loubacky (Defender)
A. Roncaglia
A. Roncaglia (Defender)
Diako Niakaté
Diako Niakaté (Defender)
K. Van Den Kerkhof
K. Van Den Kerkhof (Defender)
Sanders Munkaya
Sanders Munkaya (Midfielder)
J. Boyer
J. Boyer (Defender)
Bobo Niakate
Bobo Niakate (Midfielder)
G. Coulibaly
G. Coulibaly (Midfielder)
Teddy Antoine
Teddy Antoine (Midfielder)
S. Salles-Lamonge
S. Salles-Lamonge (Midfielder)
Thomas Valentin
Thomas Valentin (Midfielder)
C. Vincent
C. Vincent (Midfielder)
Jean-Paul Mendy
Jean-Paul Mendy (Midfielder)
J. Janneh
J. Janneh (Midfielder)
Jean B
Jean B'Sieune Gomis (Midfielder)
M. Camara
M. Camara (Midfielder)
Nazir Correia
Nazir Correia (Midfielder)
M. Diongue
M. Diongue (Midfielder)
Eder Verrisimo Nanqui
Eder Verrisimo Nanqui (Midfielder)
M. Moretti
M. Moretti (Midfielder)
Birahima Niakaté
Birahima Niakaté (Midfielder)
Florian Bohnert
Florian Bohnert (Midfielder)
Mamadouba Conté
Mamadouba Conté (Attacker)
Kapitbafan Djoco
Kapitbafan Djoco (Attacker)
Valentin Candas
Valentin Candas (Attacker)
Y. Baï
Y. Baï (Attacker)
Jérémy Kor
Jérémy Kor (Attacker)
B. Santelli
B. Santelli (Attacker)
Dayatoule Mendés
Dayatoule Mendés (Attacker)
F. Magri
F. Magri (Attacker)
Josée Ilunga Musawu Mi
Josée Ilunga Musawu Mi (Attacker)
R. Kifoueti
R. Kifoueti (Attacker)
Elton Boketsu
Elton Boketsu (Attacker)
Félix Tomi
Félix Tomi (Attacker)
Frédéric Mendy
Frédéric Mendy (Attacker)
C. Ben Saada
C. Ben Saada (Attacker)
Omar Konté
Omar Konté (Attacker)
A. Robic
A. Robic (Attacker)
Marvin Emmanuel
Marvin Emmanuel (Attacker)
A. Taoui
A. Taoui (Attacker)
M. Alfarela
M. Alfarela (Attacker)
K. Schur
K. Schur (Attacker)