Gremio announce ‘consensual’ agreement to terminate Thiago Neves’ contract

Ten days after president Romildo Bolzan Júnior decided to terminate his contract with midfielder Thiago Neves, Grêmio officially confirmed the player’s ‘consensual’ departure on Monday.

The statement was made in a brief text posted on the club’s website late on Monday.  

Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense informs that it has signed a consensual termination agreement in the employment contract of the athlete Thiago Neves with the Club. 

Grêmio is grateful for the services provided during his stay at the institution, wishing him success and luck in the continuation of his victorious career.” A statement said on the club’s website. 

The case became controversial the day after the defeat by Sport,

 for the seventh round of the Brasileirão. Holder in the match, Thiago Neves ended the patience of the direction, who decided to break the link of the midfielder. 

Hours later, Thiago posted a text on his social networks in which he stated that he had not been notified of his dismissal. Still, he suggested an “amateur” attitude by the Gremista leadership. 

A few days later, the parties involved in the termination initiated the legal process. Both the staff of the athlete and the lawyers of the club maintained daily contact to settle all the details and procedures. 


Atlético-MG have an early conversation to hire midfielder Thiago Neves and it appears the midfielder might now be on his way to join the Galo. 

As per latest reports, the 35-year-old player is close to signing a contract with Galo until the end of the Brasileirão 2020. The parties came to an agreement with a lower salary in the portfolio and bonuses foreseen for productivity. 

All things moving forward, Neves is expected to arrive at Belo Horizonte on Tuesday morning to finalize a move. 

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