Juninho becomes advisor to John Textor at OL: A strategic return for the club icon

The legendary OL player joins as an advisor to John Textor and Eagle Football, thus beginning a significant return to the club
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2023-12-03 11:12:20

Juninho emblematic figure of Olympique Lyonnais, has accepted a role as advisor to John Textor and Eagle Football. This announcement comes after his tumultuous departure in December 2021 as sporting director. Despite a checkered past, this collaboration promises to be a strategic and involved return to the club’s former glory.


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While he will continue to reside in Rio, Juninho should devote one week per month to Lyon, with a possible appearance on December 10 during the match against Toulouse for the 15th day. This involvement will also extend to Botafogo, a club on which he will be able to exercise his expertise as it goes through a difficult period, while closely observing the progress of Molenbeek, the third club under the aegis of Eagle Football and John Textor .

Restructuring under a European vision

This new assumption of office by Juninho is part of a restructuring initiated by John Textor. After a series of changes, from the ousting of Jean-Michel Aulas to the recent implementation of sometimes isolated strategies, Textor now seems to be directing OL towards foundations more in line with European standards. With the ouster of several leading figures and the departure of Vincent Ponsot to head the women’s teams in January, the club is heading towards a new, more conventional era.

By hiring Juninho, OL, last in Ligue 1, hope to find some glimmers.