Grêmio coach Renato Gaúcho confirms Luis Suárez’s departure amid MLS rumors

The Grêmio coach has confirmed that Luis Suárez will leave the club in the coming weeks, claiming that his absence will be painful for the squad
Martín O'Donnell
2023-12-01 16:30:05

Goodbyes are hard. Especially when it comes to a farewell like the one Grêmio will have to face in the coming weeks. Both coach Renato Gaúcho and the player himself have confirmed that the upcoming matches of the 2023 Brasileirão will be Luis Suárez’s last games wearing the Tricolor shirt.

After defeating Goiás, the Grêmio manager confirmed what was an open secret. The Uruguayan star has already had the opportunity to be honored by the club’s fans, apart from being recognized by the municipality of Porto Alegre, as his departure from the club is taken for granted. However, Renato took the opportunity to comment on how Suárez’s departure will affect the club.


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Renato Gaúcho: “We will miss him, no doubt. The fans have fallen in love with him”

On Thursday, Grêmio hosted Goiás for the 36th round of Brasileirão, a match in which the claimed a 2-1 victory, largely thanks to a key assist from Suárez. After the match, the coach was asked about the Uruguayan’s departure and confirmed that the club is already preparing for his farewell.

“It is very sad for everyone,” Renato said. “He (Luis Suárez) has been here since the beginning of the year and has helped us a lot. The fans have fallen in love with him. He is an extraordinary professional both on and off the field. He arrived calmly, then started to let himself go, play, and accept jokes. Sometimes I wanted to take him out of training or a game, but he always wanted to continue.

“Will we miss him? Without a doubt. He is very good to everyone. I have had the pleasure of working with a great professional, one of the best players in the world, the fourth highest goal-scorer in the world. Next year there will be a big vacancy, as it is not easy to find someone with his talent and ability.”

Regarding rumors about Luis Suárez’s future, the coach was candid, stating that the club knew it was difficult to keep him despite its interest in offering him a new contract:

“Unfortunately, it was very difficult for him to stay. Everyone wanted him, but only he could work that miracle. Unfortunately, he is leaving and will leave a void in Grêmio’s attack. It is up to the board and the president to find another forward. It was a great pleasure, not only for me but for the entire club. He is a guy who always gave himself, an exemplary professional.”

Additionally, Renato confirmed that the match against Vasco da Gama will be Suárez’s last game at the Arena do Grêmio, and there he will have the opportunity to bid farewell to the fans:

“We need a victory, the support of our fans. It is Suárez’s last game and Grêmio’s last game at the Arena, so it is a farewell that we have to give to Suárez in line with everything he has given us in 2023.”

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