18 years later: The unforgettable reign of Telê Santana at São Paulo FC, 1992-1993

How Santana led São Paulo to conquer giants and claim glory.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-04-21 15:32:35

Eighteen years since Telê Santana passed away, his impact as the coach who reshaped São Paulo FC in the 1990s endures. Under his guidance, the team clinched top honors, including the defeating top teams in La Liga and Série A alongside winning the Copa Libertadores and the Intercontinental Cup.


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São Paulo’s domination in 1992 – 1993

In 1992, Santana’s strategy of balancing a disciplined defense with an explosive offense earned São Paulo the Campeonato Paulista title. This win kicked off their notable run in the Copa Libertadores, ending in an exciting penalty shootout victory against Argentina’s Newell’s Old Boys.

The season’s highlight was defeating Barcelona 2-1 in the Intercontinental Cup at Tokyo National Stadium. Santana’s tactical prowess was evident as Raí, the team captain, scored both goals.

In 1993, São Paulo continued to dominate by winning the Copa Libertadores again, defeating Chile’s Universidad Católica in the finals. Telê Santana showed his ability to adapt strategies on-field and make smart plays throughout the tournament.

The year concluded with another victory in the Intercontinental Cup, where São Paulo defeated A.C. Milan 3-2 in a match filled with strategic shifts and impressive individual performances.

Telê Santana’s impact on São Paulo and world football remains significant, celebrated through his strategic innovations and leadership.

Telê Santana’s Awards at São Paulo FC

Here’s a list of awards and accolades won by Telê Santana during his time as the coach of São Paulo FC:

1. Copa Libertadores:

  • 1992: Won against Newell’s Old Boys (Argentina)
  • 1993: Won against Universidad Católica (Chile)

2. Intercontinental Cup:

  • 1992: Won against Barcelona (Spain)
  • 1993: Won against A.C. Milan (Italy)

3. Campeonato Paulista:

  • 1991: São Paulo emerged as the state champions under his leadership.

4. Recopa Sudamericana:

  • 1993: Won against Cruzeiro (Brazil)
  • 1994: Won against Botafogo (Brazil)

5. Supercopa Sudamericana:

  • 1993: Defeated Flamengo (Brazil) in the finals.

These titles emphasize Santana’s successful time at São Paulo FC, showcasing his skillful strategy and leadership that led the team to wins at home and abroad.

Olê, Olê, Olê, Olê, Telê Telê.

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