Verdão 108 years and Timão 112! See the history of Derby Paulista

One of the greatest rivalries in football is regarded to be that between Corinthians and Palmeiras. Observe key moments from the masterpiece!
2022-09-14 11:03:07

Due to the antagonism between the players and the spectators, Derby Paulista is regarded as one of the greatest classics in the world and the largest in the state. The promise of intensity and historic matches is always there whenever Corinthians and Palmeiras on the field.

The two centennial squads recently celebrated their anniversaries. So let’s recall some historical incidents and demonstrate why Derby is so crucial to our game of football!

Derby Paulista history

The first meeting between Palmeiras and Corinthians took place in 1917 at the same stadium, with the then-Palestra Itália winning 3-0. Caetano, a striker, scored all of the goals.

Nearly two years later, on May 3, 1919, Alvinegra achieved the first win in the classic. At Estádio da Floresta, Corinthians defeated the adversary 3-2 on that particular occasion.

The two teams’ rivalry grew over the next decades. The number of championships selected contributes to the explanation of Derby’s size. There are a total of 21 events in which the top two teams finished.

The two sides have faced off more than 375 times in the last 105 years. Due to the fact that just four wins separate the two clubs, it is a well-balanced rivalry (133 to 129 for Palmeiras).

Big Decisions

Since the inception of Derby Paulista, crucial championships have been chosen by Corinthians and Palmeiras. Along with the Campeonato Paulista and Rio-Sao Paulo, the rivals also contended for a position in the 2000 Libertadores final and advanced to the 1994 Brasileirao final.

Palmeiras profited in the crucial choices, winning the Brasileiro and earning a spot in the Libertadores final versus Corinthians. Only in the quarterfinals in 1999 did Verdao use penalties to defeat the opposition.

Before, Corinthians sometimes defeated their largest adversary. The squad defeated Palmeiras to win the Paulistao championship in 1954, the year when So Paulo celebrated its 400th anniversary.

During the Corinthian Democracy era in the 1980s, the alvinegro squad also achieved significant success. Highlight of the 5-1 triumph in a match that counted for the 1982 Paulista Championship was Casagrande’s three goals.

In the most recent judgement, Palmeiras defeated Corinthians on penalties in the 2020 Paulista Championship. On that particular occasion, Verdao dodged Corinthians’ tetra and ended a 12-year drought without a state championship.

Corinthians vs Palmeiras main statistics

Check out some historic numbers from the classic, which turned 105 in 2022!

  •       First game: Palestra Itália 3 x 0 Corinthians, on May 6, 1917.
  •       Top Scorer: Cláudio, former Corinthians striker, with 21 goals scored.
  •       Most games: Ademir da Guia, former Palmeiras midfielder, with 59 matches.
  •       Biggest rout: Palmeiras 8 x 0 Corinthians, on November 5, 1933.
  •       Number of wins: small advantage of Palmeiras (133) over Corinthians (129).
  •       Goals scored: there are 537 goals for the alviverde team, against 491 for the rival.
  •       Biggest unbeaten record: Palmeiras, who went 12 games unbeaten between 1930 and 1934.

Currently, Palmeiras fights for titles

The current Derby Paulista belongs to Palmeiras, who have won significant championships in the past. Verdao won the 2020 and 2021 Libertadores da América bichampionships and are now in a strong position to take home the 2022 Brazilian Championship.

Palmeiras previously won the Copa do Brasil in 2020 in addition to the Brasileiro in 2016 and 2018. Alviverde therefore experienced one of their most prosperous times in its history during a six-year span. The cherry on top was winning the championship in Paulistao in 2022.

Corinthians, the only world champion

When discussing rivalry, it is important to note that Corinthians twice won the Club World Cup, in 2000 and 2012. This is a title that the opponent lacks and therefore led to supporters making fun of it.

Corinthians enjoyed success in the Brazilian league throughout the previous ten years. There were three victories (2011, 2015 and 2017). In addition, from 2017 and 2019, the alvinegro won the Sao Paulo title three times. The squad battles to go to the Copa do Brasil final in 2022.

New Derby Paulista tales will be written in the next years. The Corinthians and Palmeiras rivalry will undoubtedly remain one of the most intense in Brazilian and international football.