Controversial nickname – “Trikas” and others that have already generated repercussions and a lot of discussion

The new nickname has divided fans of the tricolor. Do you recall some of the most talked-about nicknames?
2022-02-03 12:28:01

Sao Paulo have lately been involved in an off-field conflict for an unexpected reason. With the addition of Niko, a season-long reinforcement, the nickname “Trikas” was coined on social media and accepted by the team. Many fans, however, were not pleased with the “novelty.”

Torcida Independente, one of the biggest clubs in the SPFC, were outraged by the phrase, as were several fans on Twitter. The urganizada’s leaders adopted a threatening tone to attack the club’s message. Regardless, overseas clubs like as Cruzeiro have used the title to honor Sao Paulo, who celebrated their 92nd birthday on January 25th.

“Trikas” is the latest in a long series of Brazilian football scandals. Usually created in jest by rivals, the name was invented by the fans themselves this time. So, let’s recollect a few more names with national implications! 

How did the nickname “Trikas” come about?

“Nikão is the 10 of Trikas”. With such remarks, Paulo presented their new midfield maestro. The biggest effect was the argument about the new moniker’s use, rather than the multi-champion player’s employment at Athletico.

The phrase “trikas” has become a slang name for Sao Paulo on Twitter. Its origins are unknown, however it is most likely a play on the club’s traditional moniker, “Tricolor.”

It is a casual way for younger fans to refer to Sao Paulo, unlike other phrases used to insult opponents. According to UOL, the use of the term in the magazine was designed to bring the club closer to this audience. Fans of Sao Paulo, on the other hand, were split in their opinions.

Organized supporters of São Paulo Detona Nickname

In fact, the term did not sit well with all tricolors. Torcida Independente, the main organizer in Sao Paulo, sent a message on social media vehemently rejecting the official communication team’s use of the word.

“Our three-time world champion institution does not accept clowning,” the announcement states. “There will be no Trikas modinha in the stands,” Independente members warned, issuing a clear warning to anybody who attempted to use it in the stadium.

Other admirers were also offended by the name. Former club player Cicinho attacked the word, describing it as “damned misery.” As a consequence, the “Trikas” may be used on social media, but the dispute should prevent the club from using the term “officially.”

“Trikas” gains international repercussion

The word remained popular on social media even after the reaction. On January 25th, Sao Paulo celebrated their 92nd birthday, and received congratulations from a number of clubs. When one of them, Cruzeiro, used the pseudonym in the post, the institution commented, “It’s Trikas!”

Another club that used the name was Olympique de Marseille. “It’s TRIKAS, there’s no way around it!” the club exclaimed in Portuguese on their official account. Tricolor fans who object to the term have voiced their dissatisfaction with the publication.

Remember Other Controversial Nicknames

Many divisive nicknames still exist in Brazilian football today. Unlike the names that praise clubs, such as Furaco (Athletico), Imortal (Grêmio), and Glorioso (Grêmio), the majority of them come from players or supporters to make fun of rivals (Botafogo).

Do you recall any controversial national team nicknames?

  •   Others refer to Sao Paulo as Bambis, which is a disparaging and discriminatory nickname. Vampeta, a legendary Corinthians player, developed the nickname, which became famous among Sao Paulo fans. It receives its name from a Disney film about the same-named deer.
  •   Frangas e Marias: In Minas, followers of the state’s giants also trade derogatory nicknames with racist implications. While “Frangas” is a reference to Atlético’s mascot, “Maria” has an ambiguous origin, but everything points to it being a pun on “Mafia,” a Cruzeiro organized crowd.
  •   Gambá is a pejorative word for Corinthians fans. According to historical records, this occurred since the club’s CT is situated on the foul-smelling Marginal do Rio Tietê. As a consequence, there is a reference to the club in addition to the colors that belong to the animal (black and white).
  •       Mulambo is a nickname given to Flamengo supporters by other fans. It’s an arrogant and bigoted epithet that refers to the club’s significant percentage of working-class followers.

These are just a few of the Brazilian football nicknames that have caused discussion. The key difference is that, unlike Trikas, they were created to ridicule other sports teams. In the case of Sao Paulo, it’s a name that was intended to “rejuvenate” the club but was received with fan backlash.