Understand how the voting process for the 2022 Samba Gold Trophy was: rules, voters and candidates

Election has a few stages, from the choice of candidates via electoral college, to the final vote, which is popular
Josué Seixas
2023-02-17 12:50:15

The traditional Samba Gold Trophy is the highest award in Brazilian football that rewards the best men and women athletes who work abroad. As well as, since 2022, awards the best Brazilian under-20 player in the world. The process has a few steps to vote for the winner and Sambafoot will explain how the Samba Gold Trophy voting process works.

Samba Gold Trophy 2022 voting system

The Samba Gold Trophy voting system brought news from the 2022 edition. First, there are three stages until the winner is announced.

– 1st stage – Electoral College nominates the 20 best in each category: formed by a select group of professionals linked to the world of soccer, the Electoral College is responsible for nominating the 20 players in the three categories. The goal is to nominate the 20 most outstanding Brazilian men and women players in the year playing outside the country, in addition to the 20 most outstanding Brazilian under-20 players in the year of the dispute in Brazil or abroad. The award considers an athlete’s stats, achievements and overall impact on their club(s) from the beginning to the end of the year.

– 2nd stage – Public voting and VIP voters: Samba Gold voters belong to two distinct groups: the first, public voting, is composed of readers, users and followers of the Sambafoot website; the second, VIP voters, is made up of special guests from the Sambafoot team. The votes of both groups have the same weight. Each voter could choose one (1) candidate from each category as their favorite to win this edition.

– 3rd stage – Presentation of the Samba Gold trophy: the personalized Samba Gold trophy is delivered by Sambafoot directly to the three winners – man, woman and under-20. The first placed will have their names revealed on a specific date defined in the year that is worth the dispute. The announcement will be made through Sambafoot’s own website and social networks and on the Samba Gold page.


It is not enough for an athlete to have won the World Cup with his national team if he does not have popular support. First of all, the electoral college formed by renowned journalists, coaches or former players chooses the 20 candidates in each category. In 2022 the college was formed by Vitor Sergio Rodrigues, Luis Augusto Simon, Rogério Micale, Leonardo Bertozzi, Magno Navarro, Felipe Silva and Fernando Kallás. So from there, it’s up to the audience. Voting is open and everyone can vote for the candidate, among the 20 selected, to be the winner.
The winners in 2022

In the 2022 edition, the big winners of the Samba Gold Trophy were Neymar (men’s category), Debinha (women’s category) and Endrick (under-20’s category).