Seleção legend Garrincha will be honored with a statue in Rio de Janeiro

The Botafogo neighborhood will unveil a statue in honor of the World Cup hero
Josué Seixas
2023-05-15 19:33:33

Brazil has seen great football players throughout history, but only a few managed to become legends. Garrincha is one of them, and therefore, he will have a well-deserved tribute in Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to having a stadium named after him in Brasília, the former player will now be remembered with a statue in the Botafogo neighborhood, where he shone with the team with the same name.


Botafogo will have a statue of Garrincha

According to ge reports, the statue baptized as “The choreography of an angel” would be released in the second half of June, next to a 24-meter lighthouse that would project the Botafogo shield in four directions. Both works give the initial kickoff for the Museu do Botafogo (Botafogo Museum) project, whose opening was postponed to 2024.

“We wanted to honor Garrincha with a sculpture, but avoiding the traditional bronze bust. And since they said that it made people happy, we thought about what else brings that popular joy and we came to Carnival as inspiration for the creation of the piece”, says Ricardo Macieira, curator of the museum.

Daniel Brand Marte and Glauco Campelo were in charge of making the sculpture, which will pay homage to one of the greatest idols in the history of Brazilian football.