Infantino criticised acts of racism against Vinicius and other players

From Paraguay, the FIFA president called on all stakeholders to intervene so that going to see a match "is a celebration"
Josué Seixas
2024-04-12 14:16:27

FIFA President Gianni Infantino acknowledged that there are “problems” related to racism in football and criticized the attacks against Vinicius and other players. In this sense, he called on all stakeholders to intervene so that going to see a match “is a celebration.”

During his visit to Asuncion, in order to formalize that Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay are declared hosts of the opening matches of the 2030 World Cup, in commemoration of the centenary of the top national team competition, the Swiss referred to the plight suffered by the Real Madrid forward and other footballers.


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“We have problems in football. We have to be united to fight against racism. Vinicius and others are suffering. There is no reason for these attacks. We have to stand united against violence in the world,” requested the head of the world football governing body at the 78th Ordinary Congress of CONMEBOL.

“We have to act together with the governments, teams, players. Going to a match has to be a celebration,” he said at an event before the presidents of Uruguay and Paraguay, Luis Lacalle Pou and Santiago Peña respectively, and South American football leaders.

Uruguay is putting itself forward to host the draw for the World Cup

During Infantino’s visit, Uruguay requested that the draw for the 2030 World Cup and the FIFA Congress of that same year be held there, according to local media reports. For his part, the president of CONMEBOL, Alejandro Domínguez, reportedly requested that the 2027 Women’s World Cup be played in South America.