Galeno makes revelations about his trajectory in football, especially in the Brazilian National Team

In an interview with ESPN, the Brazilian talks about details of his life and his love for football
Josué Seixas
2024-04-12 14:31:28

Football, besides being a sport, is a plot of individual stories intertwined by determination, talent, and opportunity.

Among the protagonists of this saga is the Brazilian Galeno, whose journey to stardom at Porto and in the Brazilian National Team is marked by challenges, longing, and the realization of a childhood dream.

Born in Maranhão, Galeno took his first steps towards success at the age of 12, leaving his hometown to join his brothers in Brasília.

The initial goal was not football, but it was under their influence and encouragement that Galeno began his journey on the field.


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The path to success was not easy. After a brief stint in smaller teams in Brazil, Galeno moved to Portugal in 2016, at the age of 18. The adaptation was not immediate, facing loneliness and distance from the family.

“My story was not about turning the world. My brothers were the ones who put the idea in my head to play, and I am very grateful for them doing that. Sometimes they are very hard on me, saying it was difficult, but it was worth it. And today I am very grateful to them," revealed the forward in an interview with

“I wanted to return to Brazil, but no team appeared. I wanted to be close to my family, which was the most important, but I ended up having the opportunity I wanted. Today I am here and very happy," shared the forward about his experience in Portugal.

Eight years after this change, Galeno"s hard work and dedication began to bear fruit. His first call-up to the Brazilian National Team was the highlight of a journey full of sacrifices and overcoming. However, the realization of this dream was almost thwarted by an unusual moment.

“At the moment he [Dorival Júnior] called me, I was on the plane going to London, we were going to play against Arsenal, and I couldn"t answer. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I received the call and it was the coach talking about this opportunity to represent my country," recalled Galeno.

Galeno"s debut for the Brazilian National Team was marked by emotion and a decisive contribution. Against Spain, the forward was fouled, resulting in the penalty that secured a 3-3 draw.

Before wearing the green and yellow jersey, Galeno received an invitation to represent the Portugal national team. A gesture that highlights the recognition of his talent by other nations as well.

However, his decision to represent Brazil was motivated by an undeniable childhood dream.