Already in Brazil, Zubeldía talks about the challenge at São Paulo and the future of James Rodríguez

Argentine coach avoids comparisons and says he is focusing on São Paulo's agenda
Josué Seixas
2024-04-21 18:04:11

Argentine Luis Zubeldía, announced as the new coach of São Paulo this past Saturday (20), arrived at Guarulhos International Airport on Sunday morning (21) to begin his work with the São Paulo team.

Zubeldía was welcomed by members of the club’s board and gave a brief interview to the present press.

“It’s a huge challenge because of what São Paulo is, for everything you know, but every club that hired me was an important challenge. Putting one above the other is not nice,” said the Argentine coach.


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And James Rodríguez?

“We will continue discussing (planning) behind closed doors. The details and decisions we make will always be made thinking of everyone’s well-being,” said the new São Paulo coach.

The Argentine was also asked about the previous negotiation with São Paulo, which took place after the departure of Dorival Júnior. Zubeldía emphasized that the circumstances have changed and that he now feels prepared to take on the challenge.

“I feel that now is the right time (to take on São Paulo). After a while, we met, returned to the subject, and, being in the right mental condition to lead São Paulo, I did not hesitate, and we as a working group did not hesitate to accept the proposal,” he explained.

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