PSV Eindhoven x GO Ahead Eagles 28/01/2023 Eredivisie

On 28/01/2023, team PSV Eindhoven faces team GO Ahead Eagles from the Eredivisie, Netherlands. Follow the result and the live match of PSV Eindhoven vs GO Ahead Eagles starting at 18:30, here at Sambafoot.

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PSV Eindhoven vs GO Ahead Eagles Formações



R. de Rooij
K. van Wonderen


J. Drommel
J. Drommel (Goalkeeper)
S. Jansen
S. Jansen (Goalkeeper)
Niek Schiks
Niek Schiks (Goalkeeper)
N. Hengelman
N. Hengelman (Goalkeeper)
W. Benítez
W. Benítez (Goalkeeper)
Mitchel  Michaelis
Mitchel Michaelis (Goalkeeper)
K. Peersman
K. Peersman (Goalkeeper)
E. Mulder
E. Mulder (Goalkeeper)
Maxime Delanghe
Maxime Delanghe (Goalkeeper)
J. de Lange
J. de Lange (Goalkeeper)
B. Waterman
B. Waterman (Goalkeeper)
N. Verdoni
N. Verdoni (Goalkeeper)
L. Unnerstall
L. Unnerstall (Goalkeeper)
J. Schuurman
J. Schuurman (Goalkeeper)
T. Smolenaars
T. Smolenaars (Goalkeeper)
B. Kuipers
B. Kuipers (Defender)
P. Max
P. Max (Defender)
M. Deijl
M. Deijl (Defender)
Mauro Júnior
Mauro Júnior (Defender)
Joran Swart
Joran Swart (Defender)
A. Obispo
A. Obispo (Defender)
Julliani Eersteling
Julliani Eersteling (Defender)
André Ramalho
André Ramalho (Defender)
G. Nauber
G. Nauber (Defender)
P. Mwene
P. Mwene (Defender)
J. Bakker
J. Bakker (Defender)
L. Comenencia
L. Comenencia (Defender)
José Fontán
José Fontán (Defender)
J. Branthwaite
J. Branthwaite (Defender)
A. Aventisian
A. Aventisian (Defender)
T. Baumgartl
T. Baumgartl (Defender)
Gino Bosz
Gino Bosz (Defender)
Emmanuel van de Blaak
Emmanuel van de Blaak (Defender)
J. Amofa
J. Amofa (Defender)
J. Teze
J. Teze (Defender)
C. Martina
C. Martina (Defender)
F. Oppegård
F. Oppegård (Defender)
Donny van Iperen
Donny van Iperen (Defender)
K. Hoever
K. Hoever (Defender)
J. Idzes
J. Idzes (Midfielder)
O. Boscagli
O. Boscagli (Defender)
Tesfaldet Simon Tekie
Tesfaldet Simon Tekie (Midfielder)
I. Sangaré
I. Sangaré (Midfielder)
W. Willumsson
W. Willumsson (Midfielder)
D. Pröpper
D. Pröpper (Midfielder)
P. Saathof
P. Saathof (Midfielder)
G. Til
G. Til (Midfielder)
Z. Eddahchouri
Z. Eddahchouri (Midfielder)
J. Veerman
J. Veerman (Midfielder)
R. Weijenberg
R. Weijenberg (Midfielder)
M. van Ginkel
M. van Ginkel (Midfielder)
P. Rommens
P. Rommens (Midfielder)
É. Gutiérrez
É. Gutiérrez (Midfielder)
E. Linthorst
E. Linthorst (Midfielder)
X. Simons
X. Simons (Midfielder)
J. Markelo
J. Markelo (Midfielder)
S. Colyn
S. Colyn (Midfielder)
Yacine Bourhane
Yacine Bourhane (Midfielder)
T. Abed
T. Abed (Midfielder)
T. Tuzlacik
T. Tuzlacik (Midfielder)
R. Ledezma
R. Ledezma (Midfielder)
E. Llansana
E. Llansana (Midfielder)
M. Romero
M. Romero (Attacker)
X. Blomme
X. Blomme (Midfielder)
I. Saibari
I. Saibari (Attacker)
Francis Ross
Francis Ross (Attacker)
L. de Jong
L. de Jong (Attacker)
M. Berden
M. Berden (Attacker)
Y. Vertessen
Y. Vertessen (Attacker)
S. Crowther
S. Crowther (Attacker)
Savinho (Attacker)
I. Lidberg
I. Lidberg (Attacker)
N. Madueke
N. Madueke (Attacker)
R. Fernandes
R. Fernandes (Attacker)
R. Tytens
R. Tytens (Attacker)
O. Edvardsen
O. Edvardsen (Attacker)
A. El Ghazi
A. El Ghazi (Attacker)
M. Spiridakis
M. Spiridakis (Attacker)
J. Bakayoko
J. Bakayoko (Attacker)
Omar Kavak
Omar Kavak (Attacker)
Sylla Sow
Sylla Sow (Attacker)
Antoine Rabillard
Antoine Rabillard (Attacker)
F. Stokkers
F. Stokkers (Attacker)
S. Ozturk
S. Ozturk (Attacker)
J. Mulenga
J. Mulenga (Attacker)