Cardiff x Rotherham 29/10/2022 Championship

On 29/10/2022, team Cardiff faces team Rotherham from the Championship, England. Follow the result and the live match of Cardiff vs Rotherham starting at 17:00, here at Sambafoot.

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Cardiff vs Rotherham Formações



S. Morison
P. Warne


J. Alnwick
J. Alnwick (Goalkeeper)
V. Johansson
V. Johansson (Goalkeeper)
R. Allsop
R. Allsop (Goalkeeper)
Robbie Hemfrey
Robbie Hemfrey (Goalkeeper)
R. Luthra
R. Luthra (Goalkeeper)
Luciano Becchio
Luciano Becchio (Goalkeeper)
G. Ratcliffe
G. Ratcliffe (Goalkeeper)
J. Chapman
J. Chapman (Goalkeeper)
J. Simpson
J. Simpson (Defender)
J. Vickers
J. Vickers (Goalkeeper)
V. Daley-Campbell
V. Daley-Campbell (Defender)
C. Tilt
C. Tilt (Defender)
Ciaron Maurice Brown
Ciaron Maurice Brown (Defender)
G. Hall
G. Hall (Defender)
C. Nelson
C. Nelson (Defender)
W. Harding
W. Harding (Defender)
J. Semenyo
J. Semenyo (Defender)
H. Odoffin
H. Odoffin (Defender)
M. McGuinness
M. McGuinness (Defender)
J. Hull
J. Hull (Defender)
T. Sang
T. Sang (Defender)
C. Bramall
C. Bramall (Defender)
J. Collins
J. Collins (Defender)
R. Wood
R. Wood (Defender)
S. Morrison
S. Morrison (Defender)
L. Peltier
L. Peltier (Defender)
J. Bagan
J. Bagan (Defender)
C. Durose
C. Durose (Defender)
O. Denham
O. Denham (Defender)
P. Kioso
P. Kioso (Defender)
C. Kipré
C. Kipré (Defender)
L. Hjelde
L. Hjelde (Defender)
P. Ng
P. Ng (Defender)
C. Humphreys
C. Humphreys (Defender)
G. Whyte
G. Whyte (Midfielder)
M. Warne
M. Warne (Midfielder)
R. Colwill
R. Colwill (Midfielder)
J. Lindsay
J. Lindsay (Midfielder)
R. Wintle
R. Wintle (Midfielder)
C. McGuckin
C. McGuckin (Midfielder)
R. Sawyers
R. Sawyers (Midfielder)
H. Douglas
H. Douglas (Midfielder)
E. King
E. King (Midfielder)
T. Fosu
T. Fosu (Midfielder)
A. Rinomhota
A. Rinomhota (Midfielder)
O. Rathbone
O. Rathbone (Midfielder)
J. Philogene-Bidace
J. Philogene-Bidace (Midfielder)
D. Barlaser
D. Barlaser (Midfielder)
E. Adams
E. Adams (Midfielder)
S. Greenhouse
S. Greenhouse (Midfielder)
T. Kouakou
T. Kouakou (Midfielder)
J. Gratton
J. Gratton (Midfielder)
J. Ralls
J. Ralls (Midfielder)
S. Ferguson
S. Ferguson (Midfielder)
C. O'Dowda
C. O'Dowda (Midfielder)
B. Wiles
B. Wiles (Midfielder)
J. Colwill
J. Colwill (Midfielder)
J. Greaves
J. Greaves (Attacker)
I. Vassell
I. Vassell (Attacker)
C. Washington
C. Washington (Attacker)
S. Ojo
S. Ojo (Attacker)
G. Kelly
G. Kelly (Attacker)
Heiðar Helguson
Heiðar Helguson (Attacker)
C. Ogbene
C. Ogbene (Attacker)
K. Etete
K. Etete (Attacker)
T. Eaves
T. Eaves (Attacker)
M. Harris
M. Harris (Attacker)
M. Wigley
M. Wigley (Attacker)
C. Robinson
C. Robinson (Attacker)
O. Tanner
O. Tanner (Attacker)
I. Davies
I. Davies (Attacker)