Brabrand x Hobro 12/07/2023 Friendlies Clubs

On 12/07/2023, team Brabrand faces team Hobro from the Friendlies Clubs, World. Follow the result and the live match of Brabrand vs Hobro starting at 18:30, here at Sambafoot.

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Brabrand vs Hobro Formações



T. Søjberg
M. Thomsen


Jakob Bossow
Jakob Bossow (Goalkeeper)
Jacob Matthew Maples Samnik
Jacob Matthew Maples Samnik (Goalkeeper)
Mathias Ørnskov
Mathias Ørnskov (Goalkeeper)
William Ansgar Smith Tønning
William Ansgar Smith Tønning (Goalkeeper)
K. Pedersen
K. Pedersen (Goalkeeper)
Jonathan Fischer
Jonathan Fischer (Goalkeeper)
Casper Vedel-Birch Andersen
Casper Vedel-Birch Andersen (Goalkeeper)
M. Nielsen
M. Nielsen (Defender)
Sebastian Nedergaard
Sebastian Nedergaard (Defender)
Frederik Dietz Nielsen
Frederik Dietz Nielsen (Defender)
M. Frandsen
M. Frandsen (Defender)
Lukas Sparre Klitten
Lukas Sparre Klitten (Defender)
Oscar Emil Pedersen
Oscar Emil Pedersen (Defender)
Jesper Bøge Pedersen
Jesper Bøge Pedersen (Defender)
Lukas Schmedes Enevoldsen
Lukas Schmedes Enevoldsen (Defender)
L. Nørby
L. Nørby (Defender)
Malte Færge Nielsen
Malte Færge Nielsen (Defender)
Jacob Tjørnelund
Jacob Tjørnelund (Defender)
Simon Søgaard Vesterbæk
Simon Søgaard Vesterbæk (Defender)
R. Johansen
R. Johansen (Defender)
C. Lund
C. Lund (Defender)
Emil Søgård Jensen
Emil Søgård Jensen (Defender)
Daniel Boye Handlos Lundholm
Daniel Boye Handlos Lundholm (Defender)
Simon Skov Jakobsen
Simon Skov Jakobsen (Defender)
Rasmus Kirkegaard Jensen
Rasmus Kirkegaard Jensen (Defender)
Soumaïla Ouattara
Soumaïla Ouattara (Defender)
J. Pilgaard
J. Pilgaard (Defender)
M. Jacobsen
M. Jacobsen (Defender)
Tobias Wittus Olesen
Tobias Wittus Olesen (Defender)
Mathias Laustrup Kristensen
Mathias Laustrup Kristensen (Midfielder)
Michael Kærgaard Pedersen
Michael Kærgaard Pedersen (Defender)
Oliver Harbo Overgaard
Oliver Harbo Overgaard (Midfielder)
Frederik Jørgensen
Frederik Jørgensen (Defender)
Mads Lautrup Freundlich
Mads Lautrup Freundlich (Midfielder)
Jasper Ugo Andersen Ugwoke
Jasper Ugo Andersen Ugwoke (Defender)
Villads Rasmussen
Villads Rasmussen (Midfielder)
Rasmus Juul Pedersen
Rasmus Juul Pedersen (Midfielder)
Christian Hørby
Christian Hørby (Midfielder)
Christian Kirchhoff
Christian Kirchhoff (Midfielder)
Abdoul Said Razack Yoda
Abdoul Said Razack Yoda (Midfielder)
Mikkel Kyllingsbæk
Mikkel Kyllingsbæk (Midfielder)
Frederik Mortensen
Frederik Mortensen (Midfielder)
N. Sauer
N. Sauer (Midfielder)
L. Christensen
L. Christensen (Midfielder)
M. Bredahl
M. Bredahl (Midfielder)
Mathias Nygaard Kristensen
Mathias Nygaard Kristensen (Midfielder)
Pedro Cortes
Pedro Cortes (Midfielder)
Laurs Skjellerup
Laurs Skjellerup (Attacker)
S. Schouby
S. Schouby (Midfielder)
M. Compaoré
M. Compaoré (Attacker)
F. Højgaard
F. Højgaard (Midfielder)
Oliver Thychosen
Oliver Thychosen (Attacker)
F. Halimi
F. Halimi (Midfielder)
S. Rasmussen
S. Rasmussen (Attacker)
O. Thunbo
O. Thunbo (Midfielder)
Frederik Brandt Jørgensen
Frederik Brandt Jørgensen (Attacker)
Coby Atkinson
Coby Atkinson (Midfielder)
Marcus Friis
Marcus Friis (Attacker)
Thomas Gammelby Lodberg
Thomas Gammelby Lodberg (Midfielder)
Ronnie Schwartz Nielsen
Ronnie Schwartz Nielsen (Attacker)
M. Petersen
M. Petersen (Midfielder)
M. Boye
M. Boye (Attacker)
Magnus Poulsen
Magnus Poulsen (Midfielder)
J. Justesen
J. Justesen (Attacker)
Jesper Brøndum Henriksen
Jesper Brøndum Henriksen (Midfielder)
Muamer Brajanac
Muamer Brajanac (Attacker)
Henrik Foged Borup
Henrik Foged Borup (Attacker)
Danny Kwasi Amankwaa
Danny Kwasi Amankwaa (Attacker)
Lasse Buch Møberg
Lasse Buch Møberg (Attacker)
Mads Dittmer Hvilsom
Mads Dittmer Hvilsom (Attacker)
Nikolaj Houborg Sørensen
Nikolaj Houborg Sørensen (Attacker)
Oliver Augustus Sparre Klitten
Oliver Augustus Sparre Klitten (Attacker)
Morten Gerster Peipinen
Morten Gerster Peipinen (Attacker)
D. Veliqi
D. Veliqi (Attacker)
Christoffer Maul Petersen
Christoffer Maul Petersen (Attacker)
J. Dybdahl
J. Dybdahl (Attacker)
A. Keblovszki
A. Keblovszki (Attacker)
Anderson Sena
Anderson Sena (Attacker)
Christian Helev
Christian Helev (Attacker)
G. Bandona
G. Bandona (Attacker)
Alexander Løntoft Baun
Alexander Løntoft Baun (Attacker)