Will Atletico Mineiro have Hulk as their main star next season?

With Atlético Mineiro ending the Brazilian Championship as the winner and ending a drought without the national title that has permeated since 1971, Hulk, the team's top scorer with 18 goals, spares no effort to be the best Galo player of the season.

During 34 matches, Hulk became crucial, not only scoring goals but also offering assists – there were seven. Indeed, it shows that his return from China to the Minas Gerais team was crucial for the team’s upgrade.

About a year ago, when the Hulk embarked on Brazilian soil, the Rooster was in transition from Sampaoli’s reign. The coach of Olympique de Marseille was on a soap opera to leave the team and go to France.

With coach Cuca, he showed that the high marketing developed when he landed in January was not in vain. But fans would have to be prepared to see a player with Brazilian national team baggage change his role.

Before, it was expected that the Hulk would work on the right wing, carrying the ball to the center of the lawn to impose himself. However, that didn’t happen, which was a great surprise.

Hulk numbers scare

As said before, Hulk changed the team level! Behind him are Michael do Flamengo and Gilberto do Bahia. He is interested as the Hulk scored 17 times, five being from the penalty kick spot, of which he has played 34 times. When he started in 33 opportunities, he became the main name in activity in the country.

Behind him, the young revelation of the red-black carioca, Michael scored 13 goals, and didn’t shoot penalty kicks for his team. The Flamengo star was the revelation of the team that was commanded throughout the year by Renato Gaúcho. The player has started 22 matches for Flamengo and played the other 10 coming from the bench. In the final of the Copa Libertadores, football fans questioned why he had not started among the 11 starters.

In addition to him, Gilberto from Bahia stands out, scoring 13 opportunities in 34 matches, two from the penalty spot. His professional colleague, Gabriel Barbosa, from Flamengo, scored 11 times in only 16 matches. He has the best goal average of the tournament, and lost most of the matches of the season serving the National Team.




Average Goals

Hulk Atlético 17 33 0,51
Michael Flamengo 13 33 0,39
Gilberto Bahia 12 33 0,39
Gabriel Flamengo 11 16 0,69
Bruno Henrique Flamengo 11 22 0,50
Ytalo Bragantino 11 27 0,41
Edenílson Internacional 11 31 0,35
Yuri Alberto Internacional 11 31 0,35

What’s next for the Hulk?

Although Hulk is on the rise in the Brazilian football market, the tendency is for the former football player to stay at Galo. The dispute in the Libertadores and Club Mundial is a factor that draws the athletes’ attention and the chance to play again at a high level against foreign teams is a factor to consider.

The 2022 season is a problem and maybe we’ll see more of the Hulk parading his high-level football on Brazilian football’s lawns.

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