Government of Minas Gerais give the green light for fans to return to stadiums

Fans are set to return to stadiums in the Onda Verde regions, the government has confirmed.

On Thursday morning, the Minas government announced they have allowed residents to return to the stadiums in Onda Verde cities. The decision was taken after the city of Ipatinga issued a decree permitting people to attend events at the Joao Lamego Netto stadium, popularly known as Ipatingo, as long as certain hygienic standards were met.

“Vale do Aço will participate in the Onda Verde, a sanitary effort that allows events to be held with the least amount of social distance and the use of a mask.

As a result, the game in Ipatinga, which will be played in front of the towns that have joined the Minas Consciente, may take place before the state protocol is finalized “- said Fábio Baccheretti, Secretary of State for Health, during a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

The Football Federation of Minas Gerais (FMF) has yet to give its approval for the final publishing. Supporters of Vale do Aço are welcome to attend the match between Ipatinga and Tupynambás, which is part of the Minas Gerais Championship Module II, on Saturday. The Federation has failed to appear after the release of the Government of Minas Gerais.

The public capacity of the Ipatingo stadium may be limited to 15% of its current capacity, which is 22,000 people, according to Decree 9,720. People must wear masks and maintain a distance of 1.5 meters, which is equivalent to two seats for each one occupied, in order to get entrance to the location. At certain intervals throughout the event, alcohol gel, as well as signs displaying unoccupied seats that cannot be filled, must be provided.

According to the city hall, Gustavo Nunes, the mayor of Ipatinga, made his choice based on controlled numbers in relation to the city’s pandemic. According to him, a gradual resumption of activity in sectors that have been sacrificed due to long-term constraints imposed by Covid-19 proliferation due to agglomeration risks is essential.

Green, yellow, red, and purple are the four classifications used by the state government’s Minas Consciente initiative to combat the pandemic. The Central Region, which includes the state capital of Belo Horizonte, has been struck by the Red Wave. As a result, places like Mineiro and Arena Independência are still unable to welcome visitors

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