Athletico play to a stalemate against Wilstermann but advance to the next round of the Libertadores

The game between Athletico and Jorge Wilstermann ended with a stalemate on Tuesday night for the fifth round of the Libertadores.
CAP x Jorge Wistermann - Libertadores
© Athletico Paranaense

With the result in Baixada, the Hurricane guaranteed a place in the round of 16. The first half was dominated solely by Athletico, who had 80% possession of the ball, while Jorge Wilstermann did little in the game but had a compact defence. However, with all Athletico’s dominance, the goal failed to come, the hurricane had it difficult to take their chances and breach Bolivian strong defence.

The Bolivians decided to come out in the second half and hinder the Athletico’s dominance of the ball in wide areas.

Even after the changes made by Eduardo Barros, the situation of the game didn’t improve with Hurricane boasting few chances to score, and Wilstermann only trying out taking advantage of counterattacks.

Jorge Wilstermann decided to change its style of play in the second half. The team decided to touch more of the ball and retained it, lacked attacking prowess. This gifted Athletico some space to operate, but they failed to convert and take advantage of their opportunities with a replay of first half performance. The dynamics of the game got closer to a goal with the introduction of midfielder Jorginho and striker Bissoli who replaced midfielder Wellington and striker Fabinho.

The first opportunity appeared – head on – for Jorginho, but was stopped by goalkeeper Ojeda. Few minutes passed, Eduardo Barros decided to try with Lucho and Geuvânio in place of Cittadini and Pedrinho. Nothing came out of it as well, ending the game 0-0.

For Libertadores, the next match the Hurricane will play will be against Peñarol, on October 20, in Uruguay. That same day, Jorge Wilstermann play against Colo-Colo, in Chile.


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