FIFA increases the number of players called up for the World Cup: who will complete Tite’s list?

The presiding body of world football changed the maximum number of players called up for the World Cup from 23 to 26
2022-07-04 16:06:41

Coach Tite, from Brazil, received good news on June 23: FIFA confirmed that the national teams will be able to call up to 26 players for the Qatar World Cup, which will take place between November and December this year.

The World Cup will be played at the end of the year, instead of between the months of June and July, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic  has seemingly forced adjustments from  the highest body of world football. But what now, Tite? Who are you going to call to complete the list, which used to be a maximum of 23 players.

Who could complete Tite’s list?

Three more players will therefore be able to make up Coach Tite’s final list for the World Cup. In the coach’s last calls, for the friendlies against South Korea and Japan, played in early June, the coach has already summoned 26 names to his list.

Some names that were “forgotten” by the coach appeared again and rekindled the “flame of hope” of others, who have not yet been remembered, to be called again by the hopscotch coach. Check out some names that liked the news and can be summoned by Tite.

Gabriel Jesus

The striker was left out of some recent call-ups by the Brazilian national team, but when 26 players were called up, he reappeared. His good moment at the end of last season at Manchester City, in addition to his recent transfer to Arsenal, should guarantee his presence at the World Cup.

Roberto Firmino

The player lives with several recent injuries and is not called up to the national team as often as he used to. The change, however, can benefit the Liverpool man.

Philippe Coutinho

Coutinho seems to have regained his good football since moving to Aston Villa. Before that, his name was no longer quoted for the selection. The good performances and recent chances received by Tite should favor him when it comes to remembering the three “extra” players.


The “Pigeon” was left out of some calls after the end of the 2021 Copa América and lived with injuries, but he played very well in the final stretch of the 2021-2022 season for Everton and is now expected to play for Tottenham next season. This should catch the attention of coach Tite and he will probably guarantee his presence in the tournament.

Players with an outside chance of a call-up

Some players had already given up fighting for a spot among the final 23 called up for Tite’s list, but being able to call three more athletes could put them back on the coach’s radar. Check out some examples below.

  • Everson (Atletico-MG goalkeeper);
  • Felipe (Atletico Madrid defender);
  • Emerson Royal (Tottenham’s right-back);
  • Renan Lodi (Atletico Madrid left-back);
  • Gerson (midfielder for Olympique de Marseille);
  • Everton Ribeiro (Flamengo midfielder);
  • Gabigol (Flamengo striker);
  • Hulk (Atletico-MG striker).

Schedule until the World Cup

Brazil, therefore, are in the final stages of preparation for the World Cup in Qatar. Check out the selection schedule below until it’s time to take the field for the World Cup.

  • September (date and venue undefined): Brazil vs undefined rival (friendly);
  • 09/22: Brazil x Argentina (delayed playoff game), at Neo Química Arena;
  • 11/14: final call-up for the World Cup, with 26 players;
  • 11/24: Brazil vs Serbia (group stage of the World Cup), in Lusail (Qatar);
  • 11/28: Brazil vs Switzerland (group stage of the World Cup), in Doha (Qatar);
  • 2/12: Brazil vs Cameroon (group stage of the World Cup), in Lusail (Qatar).