Announcement of national team games against Japan and South Korea leaves Tite dissatisfied

Matches are part of preparation for the World Cup in Qatar
2022-05-05 09:09:54

Coach Tite was allegedly unhappy with the CBF’s decision to arrange friendlies against Japan and South Korea in June. The games will be held in June on the Asian continent as part of the Brazilian team’s preparation for the World Cup in Qatar, which will be held between November and December this year.

Tite does not want friendly against Asian clubs, according to writer Cosme Rmoli’s R7 blog. In the World Cup group stage, Brazil will play Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon, as well as European and African teams, so it would make more sense at that time.

The above-mentioned blog obtained access to the conversation (which began on April 2) between the coach of the five-time world champion team and PUC TV Goiás reporter Leonardo Baran, and published some sections on April 23.

Take a look at a few of them:

  • “Regarding friendlies, is it worth playing Asian teams, if we are going to play against European teams and an African team (Switzerland, Serbia and Cameroon, in the group stage of the Cup)?”;
  • “We have to look for friendlies within the possibilities (opponents) identified with the same school. African school, African school”;
  • “Asians, no. Regardless that in the future (in the World Cup) there may be this confrontation. Juninho (CBF Football Coordinator) will have that sensitivity”.

The CBF’s failure to organize friendlies against higher qualified opponents so that the squad might better prepare for the World Cup irritated not just the Brazilian team’s coach. A section of the national press was equally displeased with the situation.

“Congratulations to CBF on two outstanding friendly victories against South Korea and Japan. Is this how they help our football team? It’s remarkable how much you care about football with these two friendlies that were supposed to help us win the World Cup. Germany? Argentina? France? On the Band show “Os Donos da Bola,” host Neto remarked, “No, Japan and South Korea.”

Brazilian national team calendar

 Brazil’s World Cup debut is less than seven months away. The Brazilian squad had the greatest South American qualifying campaign ever, with 45 points, 17 victories, three draws, and 0 losses. And there’s still Argentina, the runner-up with 39 points.

Check out Brazil’s next matches till they reach the Qatar World Cup group stage, as well as how we’ll prepare for the world’s most significant football event.

  • 2/6: South Korea x Brazil (friendly), in Seoul (South Korea);
  • 6/6: Japan x Brazil (friendly), in Tokyo (Japan);
  • 11/6: Argentina x Brazil (friendly), in Melbourne (Australia);
  • September (date and venue undefined): Brazil x Mexico (friendly);
  • September (date and venue undefined): Brazil vs Argentina (delayed playoffs);
  • 11/14: final call-up for the World Cup;
  • 24/11: Brazil vs Serbia (group stage of the Cup), in Lusail (Qatar);
  • 28/11: Brazil vs Switzerland (group stage of the Cup), in Doha (Qatar);
  • 2/12: Brazil vs Cameroon (group stage of the Cup), in Lusail (Qatar).

About the World Cup

The Qatar World Cup is the first edition in which the most important national team tournament on the planet will be hosted in the Middle East. It will also be the first time that the games will take place at the end of the year (between November and December), unlike the other editions, which normally take place in the middle of the year (between June and July). This happened due to the very hot summer in the Arab country.

The draw for the competition took place on April 1st and placed Brazil in Group G, along with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon. The Brazilian team is the greatest champion in the history of the World Cup, with five titles (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002).

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