Neymar explodes against a publication in favor of Mbappé

The Brazilian star strongly insulted a 'fan page' for making a publication that praises the figure of Kylian Mbappé.
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-04-17 17:12:24

At this point, it is more than clear that Neymar Jr.’s departure from PSG was very traumatic and complicated for all parties involved. Presumably, the Brazilian, who left the club in a hurry, left in full conflict with the board, his new coach and with his former teammate and even his former friend, Kylian Mbappé.

In a recent episode that confirms this broken relationship with the Frenchman, Neymar Jr. strongly attacked a ‘fan page’ that published a post in which it is seen that the Frenchman is a good person, giving his most sincere and vulgar opinion. possible: “Chu** egg** of a foreigner.”


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Neymar, very critical and vulgar against an Instagram fan page

This post, published by a Brazilian fan page, received extreme media attention after the stellar appearance of Neymar Jr. in its comments section, who did not hesitate to classify it as “egg suck,” a vulgar way of saying that someone is a flatterer. , lambiscón or someone’s bootlicker, to the author of said publication.

In it, Kylian Mbappé appears playing the recent clash against FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions with a footer that reads the following:

“Mbappé proving once again that he is a wonderful person, but he is the villain of a poorly told story. What do you think of this?”

Neymar’s response gives rise to thinking that the Brazilian does not agree with said thinking that Kylian Mbappé is a good person and is only the villain of a poorly told story.

Once again, the Brazilian from Al-Hilal shows, very clearly, that his relationship with PSG and everything that surrounds the Parisian club is more than broken and this, most likely, will not be the first or the last time that he will use their social networks to show their opinion on this topic.

Remembering Zagallo

Sambafoot Series launched a new documentary about the football legend Zagallo. Known as ‘Velho Lobo‘ and as superstitious as it gets, Zagallo helped shape what Brazilian football is nowadays — as a player and as a coach.

The first episode is available on Sambafoot’s Youtube channel and the series will receive weekly releases to tell this legend’s life story.