Dimitri Payet, the French magician who bewitches Brazil

At 36, the Vasco da Gama attacking midfielder impresses with the singularity of his talent and asserts himself as the providential man of his team
Desmond Efe-Khaese
2024-02-22 16:12:24

At 36, Dimitri Payet has achieved remarkable performances with Vasco da Gama in Brazil. During his last match against Botafogo, the French attacking midfielder distinguished himself by delivering two assists allowing his team to win 4-2. Thanks to this new successful performance, Payet impressed the local press and his trainer.

In the Brazilian media, commentators praise the player’s unusual qualities. Arriving last year in a formation in crisis, he was able to demonstrate leadership and exceptional capacity for adaptation to quickly lead Vasco da Gama to maintenance. This season, the Carioca club has had an excellent start to the championship, notably thanks to the atypical talent of Payet.


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Under the spell of Drimitri Payet, Vasco da Gama’s deputy highlights his unique talent

Emiliano Ramón Díaz, assistant coach, seemed won over by Payet’s unique personality and style. He underlines his total involvement and his ability to change the course of a match with a simple technical action. Impressed by the humility and versatility of the former Marseille player, Ramón Díaz salutes his rare adaptability on the pitch.

In Rio, Payet is once again making a splash thanks to unusual qualities for a player of his age. Far from the difficulties encountered in France, he flourished at Vasco da Gama where his technical touch brought real added value. Thus, the Brazilian public gradually discovered the atypical talent of the French magician.